Valentine’s day hunt prize at Morgane Batista Poses

Hello everybody,

This year at Morgane Batista Poses, i decided to join a valentine’s day hunt from February 1st until February 15, sadly last year i was way too busy to even think about joining additional hunts.

This year i am offering you a pose prop with wearable props. The love heart prop includes 2 poses as you can see, the 1st one to sit on it, lays down on the heart then the 2nd person. You can always switch poses by pressing page up/down. There is 2 wearable props, the bow & arrow and the circle of hearts around the head. Both the bow and the little hearts comes in copy/modify and transfer/modify versions.

If you are a photographer, you will then be able to send the transfer version to your client to wear. Also it is modify so you can adjust it to your avatar correctly.

vday hunt prize w/ abbyrose abbot boots demo_009

Thanks to Nektuu Wytchwood and Abbyrose Abbot who accepted to pose with me at the wee hours of the morning.

I do not have the styling card for Nektuu.

Abbyrose’s styling card:
– Cupid’s Heart Gown by Belladonna Couture
– Chignon Soil by Osmose
– Vertigo “Black” Mesh by N-Core

Morgane’s styling card:
– Mid Barefeet by Slink
– Black Lace Courtenay Panties by Lingerie Boutique
– Alice Lace Corset by *SG*
– Jade Lips: Deep Red by Oceane Body Boutique
– Cat Eyeshadow Red by Oceane Body Boutique
– Hucci Ellamar Boots – Midnight by ::HH::
–  Long Nails + Ring – Royalty – Ruby by CCD
– Eyelashes -41- Bella by *REDGRAVE*
– Ma Belle-Black by Vanity Hair
– Fairy Vampire Skin -Bella- /*Innocent by *REDGRAVE*
– Eyebrows by Oceane
– Dawn Eyes – Seiji by *FTL*

Happy Hunting everybody!

The Runway Perfect Hunt edition 5 is coming soon

Hello everybody and welcome to The Runway Perfect Hunt, edition 5! Yes, after a year long break, it is back!

trph5 poster

Up to this moment (jan. 14th), only 9 spots are remaining to join the hunt as designer. I am very excited to be back with the 5th edition, as it bring even more new designers who were never part of any of the editions yet. At least 12 designers out of 50 are joining us for the first time. It’s the perfect hunt for seasoned or brand new models, or YOU if you have high fashion taste.

For the second time, the hunt comes with a small fee for hunters, 5L per gift, for a grand total of 250L, yet worth THOUSANDS of Lindens. Find clothes, jewelry, shoes, makeup, poses and more in the hunt, as most gifts will be for females, when the hunt starts, you will see the hints page appearing on the blog which will also tell if it’s female, male, unisex or both.

If there is 1 thing that doesn’t change, it’s the quality of the prizes, perfect for walking the runway..and of course 50 handpicked stores. Your past favorite stores are back, along with the new ones.

The hunt will starts April 1st and last until April 30th.

The beautiful dress i’m wearing on the poster is from KL Couture, a new designer for TRPH. To see the full list of stores included, see on the right side of the website.

See you across the grid in April 2014,

Your hunt creator,  Morgane Batista

Game of thrones inspired clothing by The White Armory

Hello everybody,

I’m happy to present you a brand new collection at The White Armory. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, on HBO, you will love theses outfits.

Bee Dumpling released Targaryen, Stark, Lannister & Baratheon outfits until now. When i told Bee i was working on the iron chair poses prop, she told me she was working on GOT inspired outfits. They are not identical to the show as Bee doesn’t copy from RL outfits, so its her vision of what they would wear. Unfortunately i do not have Lannister outfits so i cannot show them to you.

House of Targaryen - Mother of dragons

First dress is House of Targaryen – Mother of dragons. If you look closely you will see that she created belts with the sigil of Targaryens, which is a 3 headed dragon. Mostly created in mesh, the blend of colors is simply gorgeous.

House of Targaryen - Sheild Maiden

Second Outfit is House of Targaryen – Sheild Maiden. Partially made of mesh, the outfit comes with a pair of long pants. In tones of green and brown, the Sigil once again appears on the belt AND on the cloak.

Sansa Stark

Next Dress is House of Stark – Sansa. This beautiful dress represents the oldest daughter of the Stark family. Partially made of mesh, the blend of light purple / lilac and brown is gorgeous. The sword is included in the Iron throne pose prop found at Morgane Batista Poses & PM Poses.

Catelyn Stark

Here’s House of Stark – Catelyn. Representing the Mother of the Stark family, this is another mostly made of mesh dress in shades of green. I just low how there’s fur on the cloak and at the right arm cuff, remembering that it’s cold in Winterfell!

House of Stark - Sheild Maiden

House of Stark – Sheild Maiden, is mostly made of mesh and fur.  There is long pants available also to wear with it and a belt to wear with it. The beautiful Stark sigil can be seen on the belt and cloak.

Ophelia Baratheon

Last house i am presenting for now is Baratheon, here is Ophelia Baratheon. A stunning partial mesh dress in aqua and green.  I love this dress which is feminine without showing everything.

Myrcella Baratheon

Last but not least, here House of Baratheon – Myrcella.  Made of partial mesh, i have to say i am in love with the colors of this dress, the blue and green is so strong. What an elegant dress!


The White Armory store:

The pictures of House of Targaryen were taken at

The pictures of House of Stark & Baratheon were taken at

All poses are from Morgane Batista Poses at

The Runway Perfect Hunt 4 Prizes part 1

Hi everybody,

As you know the runway perfect hunt edition 4 is back in full force and has tons of great quality prizes. We are back with some hunt regulars and new also.

Today i will show you some of the prizes you will find in the hunt.

bubbles oceane katink trph4

In the first picture we have:
– Bubbles Designs offering us a dress called Poems. There is a poem both front and back which i included in the picture as text to read. Bubbles also created a male version to Poems.
– Oceane Body Design gives us a silver lipstick as seen on the picture which goes with the skin Dee that i am also wearing on the picture. She also offers a gold Lipstick.
– Katink in all her generosity offered us not only female and male poses but also a backdrop to take pictures. Her gifts includes 2 female & 2 male poses and the curtain backdrop. On the picture i am using one of the female pose along with the backdrop.

l+n mock ma vie_001

In the second picture:
– L+N is always so imaginative with her hair and this time around she offers us Morning flower. a 3 toned hair red-blonde-brown. I have to say i love when she does theses 3 tone hairs.
– MOCK returns to us with Mariellis, a serie of 3 colors of lipsticks, this one being firebrick. Each colors comes in 3 levels of shine.
– Ma Vie gives us a great variety of poses, mostly for photoshoot. my headshot picture was taken with one of the poses from her store.

evolve sequoiastyle pm trph4

In the third picture:
– Evolve is happily back with Let it shine, a beautiful multicolor mesh dress which comes with a hat and the shoes.
– SEQUOIASTYLE who is with us since the beginning, now with a new name (formerly Aurora Borealis) offers us earrings, a bracelet and sunglasses to perfectly match with Evolve’s gift, which is why it is also named Let it shine.
– PM Poses now back for the 2nd time with us offers us 4 female & 4 male runway poses. You can see the female pose 4 on the picture.
– Moondance also with us since the beginning, offers us beautiful long nails Aqueos 3D, they come in several hand sizes.

Hint page:

To join group: secondlife:///app/group/567fa658-9609-7071-7215-790e58bebe55/about

Flickr group page:

One on one interview with Masoom TRPH4

Hello Amberchaudry Corpur, thanks for accepting to let us interview you in the light of The runway Perfect hunt edition 4.

MB: Hi, Can you tell us a bit about yourself? When did you join SL and how long did it take before you start creating?

AC: I joined Sl in 2010, 01/10/2010 to be exact, One of my friends from facebook was using it and asked me to check it out, so I decided to give it a go, i absolutely loved the user interface and the friendly people that I met on the very rezz day, But after a few days of roaming here and there and doing free shopping i felt very bored and left sl for a long long time. Then once on you tube I found a video tutorial from someone guiding how to make clothes in SL, and I was hooked to the idea. I came back to SL to try my designing ability and see how it goes and never looked back :)

MB: To those who don’t know your store yet, What kind of creations do you offer in your store?

AC: [[ Masoom ]] Offers a wide variety of male and female clothes, and also a unique collection of poses for men and women. I have tried my hand on tattoos and I am sure I would launch some of those in near future

MB: Can you tell us, what it meant for you when mesh appeared in SL, as a designer?

AC: I love to experiment with new stuff and I was really excited about mesh to be honest. I always hated the limited nature of prims and sculpts  in clothes for SL . Mesh for designers I think is a blessing , its beautiful to wear and easy to make. Win win for all I say. :D

MB: Is there any designer in SL and/or RL that inspired you to want to create? Do you have any mentor?

AC: Not really, I do follow many of Real life trendy designers to get some inspiration, But no one is my mentor so far, I came back to SL after I found out that people are able to make their own stuff. I am Asian , and I could not find much stuff related to my culture I made things for myself at first. And friends recommended I should start sharing or selling .. I just listened to them. :)

MB: If you could only choose 1 outfit from your store, which one is your top favorite or has a special meaning for you?

AC: I would easily name ” Mia Gown ” , Reason for that is that it is the first ever thing i actually made for a second life fashion show , and is a designer inspiration. I never follow a single designer and always make my own unique stuff, but it was fun following the rule of the show and trying to follow a great RL designer. The gown is a John Galliano inspiration, and I did it for charity FFL 2013 show.

MB: Beside designing, what are your other passions in SL?

AC: I am very picky when it comes to friends, and I have very few of them, When I am not working , or i am overworked and don’t want to work lol, I always hang out with them. Catching up with them or just standing there and talking to them is always fun and very refreshing and much needed every once in a while. Besides that I love to explore sims, second life has so much creativity it always manages to  amaze me.

MB: What did SL bring into your life?

AC: Sl brought a lot in my life, I found a passion, being an SL designer is very much like being an Rl designer. I have gained a lot of skills, learned stuff to make that can actually even help me in my real life. This experience can help me even run a similar business in real life. I found friends here that i can easily die for. I found love and happiness. Sl gave me everything anyone can ever ask for. I am thankful to that person who recommended me to try it out :)

MB: What would you like to tell to those reading us right now? (the floor is yours)

AC: I would only say always have faith in yourself. There are always times when we are being de-motivated or feel we can not do what we want to , what we need is faith and sincerity to self. And nothing can stand in our way.

MB: thank you so much for answering my questions and letting other get to know you a little more.

AC: Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to connect with others on a level different than usual work related stuff lol.. thank you so much for having me.

Click here to visit her store: Masoom Mainstore

Sneak peak of umbrella hunt gifts at spring market fair

Hi everybody,

I am part of the Old Europe – Spring Market fair & Umbrella hunt which blends.  I decided to show you some of my own favorite prizes.

Flame Fashion - Katy

This full mesh outfit is a hunt prize called Katy by Flame fashion.

Not from the hunt: skin & makeup from Oceane body boutique, pose is still unreleased from Morgane Batista Poses.The hair is in sale at the Amacci kiosk, called Sione.

Gift hunt - Morea Style

This outfit is a hunt mix with the  hunt prize from Morea Style and the shoes are called GlamPumps by Pure Poison.

Not from the hunt: Skin & makeup by Oceane Body boutique and pose by Morgane Batista poses. The hair is in sale at the Amacci kiosk, called Sione.

Ruxy - Bia

Ruxy offers in the hunt the dress Bia, which also comes with lola’s appliers. The skirt is mesh while the top is a layer.

Not from the hunt: skin & makeup by Oceane body design and pose by Morgane Batista Poses.

old europe fair hunt_004

Violator, known for it’s avant garde and haute couture products offers us a great surprise with the unisex earrings & the eye makeup.

Not from the hunt: skin from Silken Moon, lips by Oceane Body design and hair from Miamai, pose by Morgane Batista Poses.



Here with a mix & match of hunt prizes, you can see the amacci gift which comes in female and male size, called Leon & Linda. The mesh camisole is a gift from 1 Hundred, which you can guess by her name, everything in her store is 100L. The pants comes with a corset that is not shown from Sweet Temptation. The pose is also in the hunt from Morgane Batista Poses.

Not from the hunt: mesh feets & sandals by Gaeline Creations, skin and makeup by Oceane.

Sassy - venus

This adorable mesh top is called Venus available in the hunt by Sassy!

Not from the hunt: skin & makeup by Oceane body boutique, hair by Dernier cri, skirt by SAKIDE and the Wicca Merlin pose still unreleased from Morgane Batista Poses.


This last prize of my choice is Spring feel by WTG. Includes the necklace and 2 different bracelets in gold with pink flowers and green leaves.

Not from the hunt:  skin & makeup by Oceane Body boutique, hair by vita boudoir (chh3 from 2o12) and pose by Morgane Batista Poses.

Here’s your broom to the spring market fair & Umbrella hunt:

Oceane – Metallix makeup set

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I realize i have no been writing for a while as my computer is in repair since October but seeing what i saw, i could not resist announcing it to you all.

As you all know, i have my personal skin and makeup creator for about 3 yrs now. And she just released a new pack that i am totally in love with.

This new set is called Metallix, a metallic blend of colors as incredible as the next. I have to say that FM8 is soooo Morgane. Tomorrow the matching jewelry will be in sale.

oceane metallix FM 10

oceane metallix FM 10

oceane metallix FM 9

oceane metallix FM 9

oceane metallix FM 8

oceane metallix FM 8

oceane metallix FM 7

oceane metallix FM 7

oceane metallix FM 6

oceane metallix FM 6

oceane metallix FM 5

oceane metallix FM 5

oceane metallix FM 4

oceane metallix FM 4

oceane metallix FM 3

oceane metallix FM 3

oceane metallix FM 2

oceane metallix FM 2

oceane metallix FM 1

oceane metallix FM 1

The fatpack is 750L & individually is 175L. The matching jewelry set per color will be 350L or 199L for the earrings and 199L for the necklace.

Your broom to the store:
Link to her Flickr: