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Here’s my Morgane skin

Sileny Noel, a wonderful skin creator and friend, created a skin especially for me at my request.

To get the skin, go to her Mango Mango shop and get in her Kiosk, then click on the redelivery kiosk ball.. click, choose 1 then deliver.. you will get the skin.

When i bought an awsome chocolate cake dress, i knew i didnt have a skin to go with, i wanted delicious chocolate lips. Well here it is at this link:

The skin is perfect for outfits in blue, brown  or like me, for chocolate outfits. To get the same dress as me, that is great for special pictures for portfolio or for fun only, go at Omega Point: the dress is upstairs, very affordable, under 200L if my memory is good.

Now here is some pictures i made to present the skin, offered only in tan version for now as i always use the tan skins.

!MM! Morgane tan
!MM! Morgane tan

!MM! Morgane tan

!MM! Morgane tan

Get in the Mango Mango kiosk now!


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