The Face of Eden Beverly Jewelry

As Face of Eden Beverly Jewelry, I will be presenting multiple jewelry offered. Eden Galaxy and Aliane Beverly are the 2 creators of all the jewelry found in this shop.

First let me present this weekend’s 60L weekend products, Reine and Spring.

Reine, It is the jewelry that was created especially for miss avatar, now its available to you all.

Spring, a gorgeous gold set of jewelry. The jewelry goes perfectly with the Muguet dress from Edika Creation.

 Then, let me present you other creations.

Perfect for casual to chic, here is Gena in choker version

and Gena in necklace version

Next is Amande Rubis

For violet lovers, here’s Songe Violine.

Then finally for today, a mix, including the Creole2 or earrings and Passion bracelet.

Big thank you to eden beverly’s manager,  Ouminakati Aboubakar for all your help.

Visit the shop at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/France%20Creation/56/205/24


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