Morgane goes back in medieval time!

Who likes medieval clothes? a touch of nature? I do.

Let me present you some of my medieval dresses. First let’s start with The weekly group gift offered this week at The White Armory.

This stunning light yellow and purple dress is called: Lady in the waiting, normal price is 899L but this week for group members it it free if you go at the shop. Will you step up and become the lady of the lake?

Lady in the waiting

Next is last week’s group gift, called: Ciar Maiden Gown.  the approximative price of dresses at The white armory are 799L – 899L, a bit pricy you may say, yes but they are truly stunning, great great quality. each is as pretty as the next.

Ciar Maiden Gown
You cant resist already? Well here’s the link to the shop: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Emerald/61/137/25
It isn’t done yet, there is still other great dresses for medieval dresses lovers.
Everybody interested in anciant styles and fairies should know about Angelwing. Another great shop. 
First, here’s Micah, insale for only 200L. Morgane is ready for a party at the court.
Angelwing - Micah
Then, Forestgirl plum is only 200L. Perfect for pagan outdoor festivities.
Forestgirl plum

 You like it? you want it? Go get it: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Viana%20Islands%20EE/81/246/29

Then last dress for now is called: Finbar. since i had the dress they updated it adding even more peices. The dress is 495L only.


Take the taxi to grab the dress: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ukungu%20Nyundo/73/241/24


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