Pro Posers hunt

hey all,

just tought i’d let you all know that from july 15 to august 5th there is a pose hunt all over sl. And guess what?! I’m Participating yay!!

I am offering 4 poses, 2 for males and 2 for females. For each, 1 normal runway pose and 1 *180* runway curtain pose. Now let me present you the pictures of my poses offered in the hunt.

Model: Shanen Hax
Model: Sue Moonwall
Model: Cyberdawg Foxclaw
Model: Raphael Treves


The blog link for the Pro Posers hunt is: http://proposerssl.blogspot.com/

If you look at my side bar *points to the right* theres a link to my pose shop where you can start, it is a circular hunt meaning you dont have to start at shop 1 and last shop bring syou back to first one.

Have fun hunting!


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