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my findings of the week

hello all, here is some creations i was lucky to put my hand on.

Including mango mango, alatiel, celtic rose, the white armory, drakke, felicious.

From Mango Mango, i was lucky to get the Honey Bee skin that is this week’s special for Hump day for 69L only.

Honey Bee skin - Mango Mango

Then, I had the pleasure to wear Alatiel at my graduation for Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy,  here is the dress Hannah!

Hannah dress - Alatiel

I had posted a picture the other week of the Finbar dress from Celtic Rose, and told the dress had been updated since i bought the dress, so here is the updated version.

Finbar by Celtic Rose

You liked the dress i presented from The white armory? Here is this week’s group gift, Enchanted gown.

enchanted gown - the white armory

Now, for boots addicts, Mandrakke Dagger from !Drakke! does AWSOME boots, this week a new knee high boot is coming out, Captive. 

These boots come with a  new resizer script, faster and with a script remover once adjusted, copy no transfer because it includes two sets, one for viewer one, the other for viewer 2 and Emerald.

They will come in black, brown, white, tan, dark red, dark blue, dark violet, and dark green.

Captive from !Drakke!

Then finally, 2 outfits from Felicious, Fe created a Mischievious Kitty complete outfit and Strawberry shortcake outfit, which you can have a strawberry to sit on.

Firstly, the Mischievious Kitty in pink is on 60L from the 24th to 25th of july.

Mischievious kitty

And then the Strawberry Shortcake outfit..

strawberry shortcake

and with the prop strawberry:

strawberry shortcake w/ prop

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