Buckled n strapped

Do you like or have a secret thing for bluckle, chains and straps? yes? Well this blog is for you!

From Felicious and AQUA, discover your edgy sexy self.

Firstly from Felicious, Strapped-in is for the neko, sexy desires.


It includes: black strapped-in shirt, pants, stockings gloves, then a scripted flea collar, punk’d ears, a scripted bluckled black tail and fish boomers boots with swimming fish & a nahm tag.

The tail and ears are 2-way interactive and you can choose genders.

Fe Dubrovna, is a original designer with an awsome sense of humor. Visit her shop for everything you need for your neko desires at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Download/59/99/28

Then from AQUA, Chained Heat. Dare to be sexy!

chained heat

Available in blue, red purple and white.  this outfit comes with the undershirt, shirt, jacket, underpant and pant layers. It is the perfect outfit for club parties, you sure will get attention from everybody around you.

Ayanna Slade, is a fun, joyful, funny, full of life designer who creates awsome creations for all seasons, casual to sexy to formal. She appreciate body curves and her creation reflects it, no matter your curves, they will be highlighted. AQUA offers creation both for male and female at very reasonable prices, so no reason to not go.

What to visit her mainstore? http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Second%20Style%20Island/220/100/22


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