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Hello all,

Having a nice summer? While i was talking with my dear friend Leah Portland about blogging, the idea of making a lingerie blog came to mind, then when she discovered Lingerie Boutique, i tought why not do a picture together, then it is how both our lingerie blogs came to life. Hopefully you will see more of us both!

So enough waiting, here is Me and Leah posing together.

Morgane in Sarah

I am wearing Sarah corset in Fushia, very feminine, this outfit made of silk, black lace and lace prims includes the corset, bottom, stockings with suspenders and gloves. Aside from Fushia, you will find it in theses colors: Crimson, Violet, Teal, Onyx and Emerald.

The Sarah set is available at Lingerie Boutique for only 380 L

Leah in Satin buckle chemise

And of course, Leah who is wearing Satin buckle chemise in Candy Apple. The chemise is attached to the neck and  buckle lines comes across the stomach for a unique look.  The outfit comes with thongs and thighs high fishnet .  This outstanding outfit is also available in Blueberry, Butterscotch, Grape and Kiwi.  as if it wasnt enough you can get it at Lingerie Boutique for only 230 L

We are both wearing Eka by Purplemoon (Morgane in ebony, Leah in chocolate).
Photographer is: Manu Reggiane

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 The pose is one of my creations.


Then still from Lingerie Boutique,  3 beautiful outfits: Princess, Anastasia and Lacy Chemise.

Morgane in Princess

In this first outfit you can see Princess in Rosalind. This ensemble made of silk and lace includes the top which is created to show more of the stomach and lower on the sides. Then, the bottom also made of silk & lace, the thong has a overlay that comes over the hips and down. And comes with matching thigh high stockings with a top line of silk. Also available in Violetta, Aurora sky, Olivia, Fiona, Godiva and Oceana.

This soft lingerie is only 220 L


Morgane in Anastasia

Secondly, here is Anastasia in Dazzling Gold. Completly created in top quality silk and painted jewels, the bra has a overlay of shiny jewels that travels down to just over the navel and the straps are made of pure silk. The low-rise string also created of silk and jewels, the jewels comes higher toward the navel and a nice jewel peice decorates the back in the middle of the silk. This sparkly lingerie is also available in thoses colors: Pink Topaz, Platinium, Emerald Green, Purple Amethyst and Blue Sapphire.

This lingerie is only 200 L

The pose is one of my creations.

Morgane in Lacy Chemise

Lastly, i am wearing Lacy Chemise in teal. The lingerie includes the chemise in jacket layer, the breast and upper back section is totally created if black lace and the rest is made of teal silk. Also comes with black lace string and black thigh high seems stockings. Also avalable in theses colors: Rosey, Copper, Olive, Plum and Lavendar.

The outfit is available for only 200 L

Come get theses stunning lingerie outfits at this surl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Atlantic%20City%20Island/89/198/25


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