Aura – the perfect casual chic shop

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Did you like the Lingerie Boutique blog and clothes? I hope you did, guess why? Leanne Bebb, the creator of Lingerie Boutique is also the creator of the shop Aura. The texture quality is stunning, as real as you can get for incredibly low price.

First time i visited her Aura shop, i totally fell in love with it. I am not a casual clothing girl, i’m more chic. So each time im asked to dress casual, i wear my clothes from Aura.

Let me present you some outfits from there!

Bikinitini - Pinkadot

The bikini line which comes with a sarong and sunhat is called Bikinitini.

It is available in: pinkadot, jaded, oriental tang, wet-n-wild. You will find it at only 180 Lindens.

(pose created by me)

pink ruffle top & black stonewash flare jeans

Want to mix casual with more chic? Why not go for a satin ruffle top and clean dark jeans!

Ruffle Top: Seen here worn in pink, it is also available in ocean green, sky blue, gorgeous gold, black, purple. Only 90 Lindens

Flare Stonewash Jeans: Worn here in Black, it is also available in blue and brown. Only 100 Lindens

ruffle corset & denim skirt

I love this mix of corset and small skirt. See the quality of details with the ruffle of the top, all on layer, no prim.

Ruffle Corset: Worn here in Lilac, you can also find it in earth, indigo, coal, meadow. For only 70 Lindens!!

Denim Skirt: Seen here in Faded Black, get it also in dark wash and blue wash also 70 Lindens!!

(pose created by me)

denim jacket

You can see here the denim jacket worn with the white spaggetti strap that you can find in Adore Shrug.

Classic denim Jacket: worn here in Dark blue but you can buy it also in faded black and blue. only 130 Lindens.

(pose created by me)

adore shrug & stonewash 3/4 jeans

Perfect for the fresh summer nights, the adore shrug comes with a white spagetti strap top, and nice clean 3/4 stonewash classic jeans.

Adore Shrug: Seen here in grape, it’s also available in skyblue, red, black, olive, cocoa, for only 80 Lindens!

Classic stonewash jeans: seen here in black, get it in blue and dark blue for 90L

cowlneck & perfect pants

The softness of silk floating on the skin, as comfortable as satin bedsheets. The top covers only the front with a long decollete. The belt and cuffs comes with the pants in full length and 3/4 length.

Cowlneck top: Worn here in deep pink and available in blue, aqua, white, rust, black (looks like dark silver), gold. It is 70 Lindens ONLY!!

Perfect Pants: seen here in white satin, go get it also in coral, vanilla, black, hot pink. It costs only 140 Lindens.

(pose created by me)

paisley top & perfect pants

Seen again with the perfect pants, this time in white satin version, see the quality of the neck ruffle, looks real? its all on a layer, no prims with multiple tints.

Paisley top: worn in black, get it also  in blue, red, aqua, rose for only 100 Lindens.

(pose created by me)

Casual chic

I am loving this outfit so much, a true exemple of Casual Chic! It includes long sleeve top, tie-around hoodie, denim jeans and matching sculpted hat.

Casual Chic: Presented here in pink & black plaid, come check out the green & navy paisley and the brown & pink paisley. The full outfit for 320 Lindens.

(pose created by me)

Guinevere empire gown

What do you think of this stunning dress? it comes with the arm attachments, high belt and necklace.

The Guinevere dress  is a high quality gown available with only 360 Lindens.

(pose created by me)


Are you sold to Aura yet? grab the slurl and run to the shop!


Thanks for reading,



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