Nemesis – clothing store

Hi everybody,

I have a shop to present you, it is called Nemesis, showcasing the creations of Calypso Clip.

She makes female clothing, jewelry, mascara, eye tattoo, corset bangles, lace masks, belts, fur crown, scarf, tops, pants, gloves, dresses, horns, feather headband and more…

Firstly let me show you the Designer dress!

Designer dress

This beautiful one-shoulder, slightly perfect wrinkled dress is made to fit thoses lovely female curves. This dress is surely going to bring you the attention from everybody, careful you may get random people asking for your autograph thinking you are a star!

It is available in beige, black, green, orange and white. The beige has a deep gold tint to it. And is yours for only 200 lindens.


Next you have a mix of 2 creations in sale, the Voodoo top & the Beer skirt!

voodoo top & beer skirt

What i like of shops as Nemesis is that most is sold seperatly, so you can mix and match around the shop.

The voodoo tank is made of a mix of fabrics, always in with 2 different colors, the higher part of the top looks like a tank top while the lower part reminds you of a blouse. The Beer skirt is totally made of blue denim, clubbin’ size!

The tops comes in Black/Grey, Lime green/Aqua, Red/Fushia, White/Light grey and finally, Tweety yellow/Sunny orange.

How much does they cost? 130 Lindens each


Next how about the sexy Heavy top?!

Heavy top

This beautiful, sexy, angular top is showing your nice tone body all summer long. Wear it with nice clean pants or a cute skirt, let your imagination drive you!

Heavy top is available to you in: black, blue, green, purple, red, white. For 130 lindens? run for it!

Ready for another mix’n’match? Here is Druid thighs & Rock mini top!

druid & rock mini

Now thats something we do not see everyday, but you will surely get a double gaze! The rock mini top is accentuated with polka dots and lace at the cleavage line. The very low rise Druid thighs comes with 2 formats for each color, polka dots and rhombus designs.

The Druid thighs and the rock mini tops are offered in black, red, white, yellow.. the thighs are 160 lindens and the top is 130 lindens.


Nemesis will be having a fashion show to present the next collection, which will be available to all on September 4th.

To visit the main store, they are the 2 shops facing each other.. click this link: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Guest/66/25/22


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