Fresh news from my poses shop

Hello dear models,

I am delighted to announce that i moved my shop to a brand new fashion sim where it is bigger, prettier!

The sudden move brought 2 new packs of poses, Gentlemen for males and Casual Chic for females. And, i am starting the monthly contest, to become the Model of the month.

Let me start by showing you the look of my new improved shop 🙂

So what do you think? Don’t be shy to leave a comment

Then let’s see my new packs of poses!!

Casual Chic

For this pack i am wearing the Casual Chic outfit from aura for only 320 Lindens (until the end of the month it’s in special for 100L yay!!), that you can get at this link: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Atlantic%20City%20Island/56/154/24 The pack of poses is 350 Lindens. 


Bloodwain Arun is this handsome model showing off one of the poses from the Gentlemen pack. Pack is 350 Lindens!

Then what many models will find interesting i hope!

Every month, the contest winner will have their picture over the fireplace in front of the entrance where everybody that comes in will see your picture. Contest is open to males and females.

1– Rename the picture: Morgane’s model of the month (write the month for which you enter) – your name
1a– if the picture isnt renamed with your name, you wont be counted in, no exceptions, so double check before sending!
1b– the month to write is for the following month (exemple: if it is presently august, write sept.)
1c– Picture MUST be full perm and vertical (see the picture in the shop for example)
2– The picture must show a pose from Morgane Batista Poses Shop only.
3– Only 1 contestant can enter per picture (if you do a group picture, choose who enters the contest)
4– Join my shop group on Moolto website: http://moolto.ning.com/group/morganebatistaposesshop
5– If you win a month, you will have to wait a month to re-enter.

6– Remember which pose you used for the picture, if you win, you will need to write in a notecard the pose you used, from which pack and your inspiration from the pose for the picture. If you are a model you can also include in a notecard inside, your model resume.
1– you will have your big picture over the fireplace for everybody to see for a full month.
2– you will get a pack OR 5 poses of your choice!
3– your name will be announced in multiple in-world groups as winner
4– your name and picture will also be announced in the shop page on moolto and my personal blog.

Morgane Batista Poses Shop NEW STORE http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eden%20Land/142/89/22

Get your camera ready, and good luck,
Morgane Batista


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