MIAMAI enters the world of SL 2

Do you use sl 2.0/2.1 or you use the old version/emerald?

By the end of this blog, you wont resist downloading the new version of SL. For thoses who do not know some of the possibilities of sl 2, we now have new layers available, Alpha and Tattoo.

MIAMAI is entering the world of sl 2 with the tattoo layer. Giving the possibility of getting high quality textures, the fashion industry is coming with the new generation. I am happy to present you the Laced and the feathered face tattoo.

First, let me present you MIAMAI LesMakeups Laced!

LesMakeups Laced 1

LesMakeups Laced 1: A beautiful white triangle lace covers between the eyebrows.

LesMakeups Laced 2

LesMakeups Laced 2: An absoutely feminine white lace with delicate swirls covers the lower forehead down to between the eyebrows.

LesMakeups Laced 3

LesMakeups Laced 3:  This beautiful dark grey lace covers the nose, then seperates on each sides over the eyelids up to the forehead.

LesMakeups Laced 4

LesMakeups Laced 4: This face lace, reminding me of a soft rounded V, covers from the lower forhead, a part of the eyelids then between the eyebrows. Made of a soft feminine pink, it is not only lace but a look of 3D with white pearls. (i LOVE it)

LesMakeups Laced 5

LesMakeups Laced 5: Of a dark grey, it is a full length mask from an ear to the other, with beautiful designs.

Beautiful isnt it? but it doesnt end here, wait until you see below, the feathers on tattoo layer.

LesMakeups feathered 1

LesMakeups feathered 1: This tattoo features fluttery white feathers, surrounding the eyes is dark grey, giving at the same time a smokey eye look, then solid feathers in black and light grey.

LesMakeups feathered 2

LesMakeups feathered 2: Another beautiful mix of white and grey soft feather covers from the out sides of the eyes down on the cheeks, very classy.

LesMakeups feathered 3

LesMakeups feathered 3: 3 strands of black feathers covers softly each eyes on angles. The quality of the texture is incredible.

LesMakeups feathered 4

LesMakeups feathered 4: 3 styles of black feathers covers the cheeks, eyelids and over the eyebrows.

LesMakeups feathered 5

LesMakeups feathered 5: Black feathers covers the outer sides of the eyes with always such feminity and softness.

As you can see, with theres new options, you can add feminity, a dramatic touch, a sophisticated touch..add the emotion you desire to transpire with theses incredible new creations from Monica Outlander, the designer behind the MIAMAI brand name.

Are you still here or are you already downloading the SL 2?

To visit her shop, click this link: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amat/32/230/24


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