A touch of glamour with Glamorize

Hello everybody,

Yesterday i received a notice about a shop having eyeshadow in tattoo layer, so i decided to take a look. Well when i arrived, no need to say i couldn’t beleive my eyes, everything is done with quality and incredibly affordable, and by affordable i dont mean for that thoses who have a good job in sl can afford, but everybody that got some lindens. I bought MANY things and i dont think it even costed me 100L overall. They have eyeshadows, a tanner for skins and a anti-tanner, full avatars, shapes, skins, prim nails, glasses, eyes, clothes and more!!

Of all the things i bought, what i want to present you the eyeshadows.

For informations, i used the tan natural skin and the vamp natural skin from Mango Mango for theses pictures.

Let’s start with Glamorize – Back to basics

Back to Basic is the most classical and casual style of make up. It comes in: black, cranberry, forest, grape, midnight, moon touch, orange crush, pink, teal and wheat.


Second pack is Glamorize Glitzy, perfect for night makeup, the glitter on the eyeshadows brings the small touch that makes you say wow! It comes in aqua, black, blue, bronze, flame, gold, green, pink, purple and silver.


Next is Glamorize Sparklers 1 & 2, Similar to Glitzy but with more coverage and awsome colours! Box one has from 1 to 10 and for box two from 11 to 20.

Sparklers 3
Sparklers 4
Sparklers 14
Sparklers 18

You want more? ok!

Here is Glamorize Eyecing, more sophisticated, you will shine in a gown. This box includes 10 skins.

Eyecing 2
Eyecing 5
What is your inner animal? Discover the Wild box and maybe you will find your animal. This includes: Giraffe, ladybug, leopard, monarch, parrot, peacock, pink leopard, snake, tiger and zebra.

Last eyeshadow box is Glamorize Extreme, now this is the pack for outfits out of the ordinary, i think of raves when i see thoses eyeshadows.

It comes with predominance of black and in white. First in black: blackaqua, blackblack, blackblue, blackblurple, blackgreen, blackhotpink, blackpurple, blackred, blackwhite, blackyellow.

Then in white: whitebabyblue, whiteblack, whitegold, whitelavender, whitemint, whitepetalpink, whiteplum, whitered, whiteroyal, whitesilver.


Finally, for thoses of you who already love your actual eyeshadows, here is the Glamorize Just liners.


To visit Glamorize, here is the slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Keauhou%20Beach/35/97/22

To get the natural skins from Mango Mango, here is the slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bad%20Blood/57/159/24


3 thoughts on “A touch of glamour with Glamorize

  1. These tattoos are great! I went and bought a lot of them….to find out I can’t use them on emerald. Any advice?

  2. on emerald you could have the add-on that gives you the chance to use the tattoo, or use another viewer like sl 2.0 / 2.1.. maybe theres an alternative viewer that has the tattoo layer also, but i never tried any other than sl and emerald.

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