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Interview with 1st Ms. Pasarella

On August 30th, Pasarella was having it’s first pageant.

The contestants had to go through a photo contest, 50% counted on votes and the other half was on judges. Once through the first part, 6 goes to semi finals and only 3 ladies goes to the finals. The 3 finalists are Bounty Bashly, Celine Laurent and Tiny Armundsen.

I had the honor to host this pageant final, greeting the lovely ladies in the competition and calling the winners. Celine Laurent won 1st runner-up and Bounty Bashly is the big winner. The interview was done on august 31st.

I am happy to present you my interview with Ms Pasarella, Bounty Bashly!

Ms Pasarella

Morgane: Hello Bounty, how are you today?

Bounty: Oh, fine thanks 🙂 I am still confused because of yesterday.

Morgane: Firstly, i wanted to congratulate you on becoming the 1st Ms Pasarella!

Bounty: Thank you. thats really kind, but i would not have made it without the most important person for me in sl.

Morgane: Bounty, could you tell me what made you enter this pageant, to be Ms Pasarella?

Bounty: mmm… difficult question… i am new in the modeling buisness and have informed me about lots of agencies and groups for models. and then i have read the group message in “model looking for work”

I think it was a great contest because there were also judges and it was not just a voting contest.

Morgane: When you passed your way through the photo contest and landed in semifinals, how did you feel when you learned you were going to finals?

Bounty: I didnt think about the final, i joined the contest just to get more experience. Sure i wanted to win but it was not my first intention.

Morgane: It’s the finals, you are on the runway, waiting the results then suddenly you hear I present you Ms Pasarella Bounty Bashly! What is your first reaction?

Bounty: My first thought was: “OMG!!!” i thought it was not real. i was quite speachless and couldnt really think about what happened, i was just confused xD

Morgane: Yes, i was there as host and you stayed there saying nothing, some were asking you if you were ok because there was no life signs coming from your avatar hehe

Bounty: Omg… so embarassing xD i am so sorry. Maybe hundreds of IMs arrived and i didnt know what to say… *blushed*

Morgane: Totally understandable.

Bounty: mmm. it was my first success in a contest. so… it is unbelievable right now. I am so sorry that i didnt say something and say thank you to important persons…

So i want to thank my personal trainer and best friend Pure Nikolaidis, i want to thank her for the lessons and her support.

Morgane: What will you do with your crown?

Bounty: Maybe i will wear it for recall the moment i won the contest, but i think it is a wonderful crown and also a wonderful accessoiry to wear to some outfits on coming shows maybe.

Morgane: What will you remember the most of this experience?

Bounty: I think the best exprience is the feeling of winning. It is a great feeling and also a confusing feeling… i still have not realised it. But it is an important experience, it gives courage for other contests.

Morgane: What is your personal goal in SL you wish to reach, and how far are you from it?

Bounty: Oh 🙂 my personal goal is to have fun in sl! Maybe to live my dreams here, so thats the reason why i decided to become a model and i have fun at the moment so i have reached my goal!

Morgane: For thoses who don’t know you, can you summarize your modeling experience?

Bounty: At the moment i am student by EMA and i was taught by Pure Nikolaidis, my private teacher. Also i walked for the Snowpaw Fashion show a few weeks ago. And i have experience as a printmodel for G-fashion and Pure Contours.

Morgane: Thats great Bounty,  do you have a blog or online portfolio?

Bounty: No but you can find my portfolio on the photographer Brie Pinazzo’s photo album at:

Morgane: Thank you for accepting my interview, good luck with your future!

Bounty: no problem i was a pleasure. thanks a lot.


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