Hair fair

My personal hair fair favorite pt. 2

yep i went back shopping at the hair fair, and yay lag was coping with me i was even able to run!

Here’s my second part of my favorite hairs i bought.

Lets start with Ava-tare: Nova

This hair is incredible, with bats hanging and a bird.. great!! I was in AWE when i saw it, had to buy it!

Next, is L+N

I loved the Miamai haute couture hair and was looking for more, thats when my friend Heydon showed me a hair she got, i had to do see for myself

In order: In Balance, Lady Warrior, PortaBella

Then i went to BC 322: CxC

And finally, i HAD to go see Curio Obscura, and yes, i dared buying it lol.. the Grandfather Clock

I’m not sure i’ll ever wear the grandfather clock hair in a show one day but i had to have at least 1 Curio Obscura hair *giggles*

3 thoughts on “My personal hair fair favorite pt. 2

  1. Believe it or not…women in the 17th century french court actually *wore* hair like that. They had bird cages woven into their hair with live birds in them, lol! Very interesting hair. You’ll be all the rage at Versailles.

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