Morgane’s shoutout

good weekend all,

I tought i would do something different for once, instead of presenting clothes, skins, hair or poses..

There is something worth as much at material, it is the people you come around. That’s why i decided to do a shoutout to some of the persons i met in sl, that has a place in my heart.

Firstly you should know that if i joined Second Life it is all because of Sue Moonwall. She is my real life best friend, when i’d go to her house i’d she her with her nose in her screen saying how cool second life is.. i tought that if i joined her world i could see her more often. From the beggining, on my 3rd day we both were models for PinkX, then we joined an agency as models, joined more live model jobs again together. In june 2009, we created along with 2 other models the Agence Bel’lys Academy. Sue is a great photographer, an awsome stylist, sensible, adorable and worth meeting. I love you that much Sue!!

Christine Lamplight, one of the most adorable lady i ever met in sl, i know her since my first month in sl, she is so cute, adorable, kind. Since the beginning we lived special things together, even getting ejected of Mouse world LOL that was quite an experience! You never left my side, always been there for me and with me, thanks honeydew mwaaaaaaaa

Then there is 2 persons that left SL a long almost a year ago that i will never forget.

Lestat Ricantaur, imagine a noob looking for free clothes on her first night in sl at 1am slt who stumbles over a tall light grey skin vampire.. i know some of you will laugh so much but as much as theres something mystical and sexy about vampires, at first i was so scared of them, and didnt want to get bitten hehe, he been really nice with me since that night, assured me that he would never bite me unless i was asking him to, which made a strong trust bond between us, he followed my modeling carreer until he finally decided to leave sl for rl reasons.

Then, Sophie Laveccia, i met this lovely sweet girl at the first agency i was in, she was a very short model considered to the model standard in sl, about 5f8, she didnt mind losing her chances with multiple agencies and castings due to her size, she was as good as everybody else. She became the 3rd co-owner of Bel’Lys with me and Sue. She was bubbly, fun, imaginative.. thoses who were in the group Freebie Fashionista may right a bell at her name, she was an active member, finding treasures everywhere. The last time she logged in was on halloween 09.. i still miss her deeply.

Then, lets go faster in time.. and wont be in order of who i met first.

Bijoux Lefavre, since my weeks in SL, i didn’t like the noobish shoes and prefered prim foot shoes.. thats when i discovered her shop Heart & Sole. I met her at her shop when it was smaller, then she would do parties at the shop and giving gifts, she’s crazily fun and when i needed something special for a show she would help me find the perfect shoe or boot.

Colby Pevensey, i met you at fashion institute, it seems like yesterday even tho it was months and months ago, you gave me so much more than you could think, thanks for your friendship and all you did for me, it will never be forgotten :o)

Anabella Ravinelli, i met you also at fashion Institute, from day one i could feel what a great person you are, always there to help, listen, talk and shop with you can hehe you are a great woman, hope i didn’t IM you too many times to ask questions at first hehe, you gave me my teacher’s place at Fashion Institute.. thanks a lot for everything.

Leah Portland, i met a lot of people but not much like you, a pure kind heart, you became one of my closest friends in SL. You are a great model, i always love the occasion to see you on the runway, and off the runway. Each time i get to spend time with you, i’m happy i did and learn something new.

Cecilia Verrazzano and Heydon Milter, i met you both at fashion Institute, 2 great models who now owns the agency IMA along with other models. I love spending time with you 2 when i can, going shopping, playing crazy gestures, having fun. You 2 are so much fun, thanks for being there with me and for me.

Wicca Merlin, the day i met you i was amazed by you, i wasnt trained by anybody yet beside myself, and that day i decided to get trained in schools, thats when i joined Fashion Insitute with a scholarship.. before i met you i was modeling on lower levels then after, it all opened in front of me.. that day i met you, i have set myself a modeling goal, one day i want to model on the runway with you, well 7 months later i’m as close to my goal as i ever been, being a EVANE model. Thanks for the inspiration you gave me.

Mimmi Boa, i had the chance and honor to be taught by you at Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy. You are down to earth, sweet, honest, adorable. You treat (hope it is spelled correctly) everybody as kindly as the next, you may be a SL superstar but you don’t act like a diva at all, how great is it to see someone known all over sl be as down to earth and respectful, thanks hunny for all.

Bee Dumpling, an amazing women with incredible talent, she is the owner of The White Armory, a medieval clothes / rp weapons. Bee is the goddess behind the dresses designs, i don’t know her for that long but i can say she amaze me.

Oceane Grumiaux, if you recognize me with the brand of skins i wear that makes me always look nice is because of that girl right here, she owns the shop Oceane’s beauty boutique. Shes another creator goddess, the time she takes to make us look so pretty blows me completly. Shes so much fun, she makes me laugh and always has a bit of time to chat with me when i feel like talkign a bit even if it’s not about her skins that i want to have.

Creek Loopen, my ex hubby in sl, even tho we arent married anymore, he still holds a great place in my heart, he’s true, kind, got a heart of gold, he saw me go though my worst and best times in sl, he was there for me even tho i was often going away for modeling jobs and wouldnt have much time to spend with him.

Leanne Bebb, i dont know her much but shes always been adorable to me and gave me my first true print job for angel dessous. hope she knows i’ll be there if she ever needs something.

Sileny Noel, one of the coolest girl i know in sl, she’s also a skin creator from Mango Mango. She so much fun, too bad i dont get with her as often as we used to.

There’s so much more great people i’d love to add, but it would become the longest blog even seen loll

If i didn’t name you, it’s not that i don’t like you, know that everybody that comes into my world is loved **huggies**


4 thoughts on “Morgane’s shoutout

  1. awww Morgane you are too sweet! Thanks for the thoughts and know that you have never bothered me at all! I consider you a wonderful model and person and friend 😉

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