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The White Armory Masterpeice collection fashion show

Hello ladies and gentlemens,

I had the honor today to be part of the fashion show for The White Armory, showcasing her favorite gowns and the brand new Masterpeice collection. The masterpeices are inspired by real life famous painters.

I will present you first the dresses i wore in the show then the other masterpeices that other models wore.

blood ruby
delicate caress

Then first gown i wear is the masterpeice collection i presented in the show!

Each dresses are as stunning as the other representing the paintings at it’s best. The paintings are included in each boxes who represents the dress. I’m totally in love with them. there is 2 dresses missing that i didnt have but it gives you a great idea.

masterpeice monet
masterpeice vogels
masterpeice van gogh
masterpeice renoir
masterpeice degas

Enough reading and admiring, get to the shop and look like a medieval princess yourself 

For thoses who missed today’s fashion show, don’t worry, because we have a repeat on sept. 30 2010

May i add that all my skins are creations of Oceane Boutique.


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