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Be a wicked sexy witch!

Fall has finally arrived, the grounds are slowly becoming multicolor with the red/green/brown/yellow falling leafs. Neighbours are starting to light their wood chimney, smells of burning wood can be scent floating around at night.

What does everybody think of when fall arrives? christmas? nah not yet.. HALLOWEEN!!!

Everybody wondering what they will be wearing, if they will give candies or not.. well in second life, be prepared for a wicked halloween. I have prepared a sexy witch with broom poses pack. Perfect for your holiday portfolio, theses poses coming with the brooms will show your beautiful enchantress sexy self in a whole new light.

A must for photographer, you can now have all the witches you want shown in a new way! Lemme present you the 6 poses of  Take a ride on my broom!!

Witchy broom pose 1

Witchy broom pose 2

Witchy brrom pose 3

Witchy broom pose 4

Witchy broom pose 5

Witchy broom pose 6

The individual poses are 75L, the fatpack is 500L and comes with the 6 brooms.. already rotated, less trouble for you!

Many people asked me already where is the witches outfits from.. it is by Ronja Pera from Rdesigns. It comes with all what you see

Rdesigns LM:

Morgane Batista Poses Shop LM:

Stay wicked,

Morgane )O(


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