The White Armory & White Widow

Hello ladies and gentlemens,

I should be in bed but i received my brand new dress and couldnt resist to shorten my sleep to present you 2 new creations.

Bee Dumpling offers us a first glimpse of winter with her brand new dress, Breath of winter. Along with that, today i went shopping at White Widow to get her latest face makeups, I am happy to present you Tinker Bell, in silver version.

Breath of Winter

Incredible textures done by hand, the breath of winter dress is a perfect creation to make up walk foward winter without the inconveniences.

Tinker Bell

Beautiful feminine fairy wings surrounds the outer corner of the eyes, Julie Hastings has the touch to make all ladies look outstanding by adding the little touch that does all the difference.

2 talented female designers who puts hours and hours on each creations to make us beautiful.

In the pictures

Jade skins from Oceane Boutique

Breath of winter dress from The White Armory

Tinker bell from White Widow

Poses from Morgane Batista Poses Shop


One thought on “The White Armory & White Widow

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    Happy New Year,

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