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Styles by Danielle

Hello everybody, it’s been some time since i did a blog, been very busy but here i am!

Do you know the shop D-Design? Well from now on it is called Styles by Danielle.

Styles by Danielle (formerly known as D-design) has just celebrated its first anniversary in the Second Life fashion business. This also include the official opening of our newly redecorated store with our new name and logo.

Firstly  i want to appologize to Dani Plassitz, i was suppose to make this blog to announce the celebration and specials for the anniversary, but due to crazy rl/sl, it was unfortunatly impossible to make it in time.

When i visited her shop for the blog, i had a dress i loved so much i totally had to buy it! But let me show you everything i got from her.

Let me start by this beautiful Romance orange dress.

This beautiful orange dress come with off-shoulders sculpted prims and soft green long gloves. A beautiful delicate white sheer attached by a bow in the back overlays on the skirt with soft colored flowers at the hem.

Next, let’s see this feminine Boomy necklace in gold and turquoise.

3 oval linked hoops are dressed with turquoise gems. Being personally a big fan or turquoise, i totally fell for it!

And now, a new release coming out any time now is the Loly Mini.

This loly dress in white is made of skin caressing silk with small laces at the hems in front of the legs. Loly is sexy and feminine, every girl loves the feeling of silk on their skin.

With the winter at our door, lets warm up with Winter Blue

A nice multi shades of blue, green and purple winter hat and scarf will keep you warm even in the coldest sims of sl. Who knows maybe will it keep you from crashing from coldness, hehe.

Love earrings? I do, just look at thoses Glamour Sapphire earrings.

Made of 2 sapphire gems surrounded by small diamonds on a silver base, thoses earrings are perfect to go with your beautiful gowns.

And now for the casual chic ladies out there, i present you the Leather purple top

This leather top can also pass as silk, just wear silk pants and you’re ready to go! oh did i say i LOOOOOOVE purple?

Oh let me show you the mina bluish!

How about this beautiful romantic blueish aqua body fitted dress. It comes with the collar necklace, the gloves and beautiful long belt. The lower prims at the legs makes all the difference in the dress.

Remember i said i love turquoise? here’s another one with Noenna!

A mix of the old time with present time, this classical silk dress flows so well when you move. With the upper part of the dress in light golden, the 2 colors compliments each other. 

I kept the best for last, the dress i couldn’t resist buying, Thousand kisses!

Yes, how could i have resisted to such a gown, this pine green version is glamorous with the gold. The matching  jewelry is sold seperately. Can you already imagine yourself in it?

Take the limousine to her shop:

Have fun shopping at Styles by Danielle!


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