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Be glamorous with Son!a

Hello Fashionista,

Did you all miss me? I am back with gorgeous findings. Rare are thoses who never heard of the incredible shop Son!a. Today i will present you some jewelry, hair, shoes and stunning dresses.

Sonia28 Jie is a incredible well established Canadian designer *she lives close to me.. mhmm*, creating haute couture. She is talented is so many things, she creates high fashion / formal / fantasy clothing, jewelry, hair, shoes, makeup layers, skins and more.

Let’s start with her formal hair, easily editable to fit yourself perfectly. Either you are getting married or want to be glamorous, she has great choices in many natural colors.

reine - soil
Reine - platinium
Reine 2 front


Perla updo - umber


Beautiful hairstyles isn’t it, i love them all and wear them often when i dress formal.

Then, there is the jewelry!

Artisan sapphire gold


Loving jewelry


The loving Jewelry fits perfectly with the Lamia dress in pink.

How about shoes? I got a pair last week for a dress i showcased on runway.

Mystery jewels


Mystery Jewel is a beautiful realistic texture and sculpted shoes with 3 jewels hung by fine chains. The scripted jewels has a nice effect giving a nice touch.

Finally let me present you some of the Son!a dresses i have!

evana in teal - front
Evana in teal - back


Eden - front
Eden - back


They are gorgeous and it’s not done yet!

Royal in gold

The Mystery Jewels shoes would fit this stunning Royal gown perfectly! Also take a closer took at the beautiful necklace that comes with the gown.

Lamia in pink


Awww pink, yep when i saw pink i went crazy like a little girl entering a candies shop. The flexi is great, the gown itself is just PERFECT, all the little touches here and there that makes it whole! See under a closer look at the headpeice coming with it.

Lamia headpeice


I know the holidays is past but i wanted to show you the beautiful dress she was offering.

With love - holiday dress


Are you still here? Or maybe you are already gone to Son!a’s boutique?

Firstly, if you want to see picture of more designs new releases..

Take a look at her official blog at:

Then once you took a look, take this limo to her shop:

Thank you Sonia for your talent you bring to life in SL .

Have a great week!

Morgane Batista


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