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Presents Morgane’s Walks

Hello ladies,

Over the months if not year i kept being asked to do walks for Morgane Batista Poses Shop, so i listened to the wishes of types of walks they wished to find that they could never find.

Which was most importantly, much less movement with the hip and waist because the sculpty outfits was always going crazy with the walks we find out there for the runway. Also, due to the awsome huge collars / jewelry that comes around the face, they wanted walks that the head doesnt turn, so there is no conflict with the prims and head / shoulders.

Then coming to the types of bosy position, i been asked SOOO many times a walk with arms out away of the body, for thoses huge skirts out there, when i think huge skirts with prims, i think fellini, they are soooo pretty and big but not easy to find walks that fits the skirt. Also i been asked for hands in front of the stomach and one that would be higher on the waist so i did 2 versions of high waisted walk.. one has the hands a bit more far from the body to keep the hands away from the higher prims on top, again for the big skirts. finally, for the models having to wear a sceptre on the runway its really not easy to do, so now there is a walk especially for you with 1 arm out.

 Then i did other styles, just us the usual right hand hip, left hand hip, hands swinging to the sides, in the back.

To some they could look a little bit stiff, as there is just a tiny movement of the waist / torso / hip, but to thoses used to wear problematic outfits on runway, they told me the walks are just perfect. When you come to my shop to try the walks, put on some sculpties, try your own walk, then try mine and see the difference.

Let’s see some pictures of the walks.

Morgane's walk - Hiding


Morgane's walk - high waisted


Morgane's walk - casual


Morgane's walk - high waisted 2


Morgane's walk - Impossible skirt


Morgane's walk - lefty


Morgane's walk - low waisted


Morgane's walk - righty


Morgane's walk - poise


Morgane's walk - sceptre v.2

Sceptre v2  – skin by oceane, dress by The white armory, hair by plume, sceptre by Alienbear

Righty – skin by LAQ, shoes by Heart & sole, Hair by Exile, outfit by Poised

Poise – skin by oceane, dress by The white armory, hair by lelutka

Low waisted –  skin and make up layers by oceane, jewelry outfit by finesmith, hair by purplemoon, shoes by Stiletto Moody’s

Lefty – skin by oceane, dress and shoes by A la folie, jewelry by Eden Jewelry, hair by sweet hair sweet faces

Impossible skirt – skin by oceane, dress by fellini, facemask by White Widow, hair by Son!a

High waisted 2 – skin by oceane, hair and dress by Son!a, jewelry by Gems & Kisses

Casual – skin by oceane, outfit by RDesigns, jewlery by Eden jewelry

High waisted – dress by lelutka, skin by oceane, jewelry by finesmith, hair by purplemoon, shoes by MPP

Hiding – skin by sYs, outfit by sYs, jewelry by Gems & Kisses, boots by Heart & Sole, hair by nVm

To visit Morgane Batista Poses shop, take your limo:


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