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Morgane Batista Poses Shop Press Release

After almost a month long without a mainstore, Morgane batista Pose Shop is coming back to SL. Grand opening is, Thursday, June 9th 2011. Lots of new poses, that are sure to make you look great.  you will be served .

For thoses who do not know about Morgane Batista’s  Pose  Shop, it offers top quality runway poses as well as runway walks to fit thoses sculptie  outfits, for beatiful designs from SL desginers like Finesmith and Fellini.  Also   great quality poses for photoshoots.
Always keeping in mind the practical runway and photographic side, the fabrics dont stretch or pinch on the runway, and as least as possible in shoots. Whether you are a new or experienced model, photographer or pose addict, you will find good quality here.

Open to custom requests, when time permits.

Morgane Batista Poses Shop has great sponsored SL models such as: Mimmi Boa (MVW 2009), Fuzz Lennie (Miss Philippines 2011), Leah Portland (accomplished model), Genevieve Kamala (Miss Ebony International 2012 finalist), Lars Foulsbane (accomplished model).

On every issue of E-Style Magazine, you can find her  poses  on the cover since september 2010. For this MVW 2012, Morgane Batista will be the official posemaker for Miss Russia, Rusalka Callisto.

preview of 2 new poses

Below you will find testimonials from various customers and buisness partners.
Genevieve Kamala: Morgane is a very  generous and welcoming posemaker, she has  supplied myself and my agency with great precision and endless patience. I especially like the slow fluid movement with which the poses flow into each other, as well as her creativity and new perspective on  poses.

Rusalka Callisto: I am a loyal and avid lover of Morgane Batista’s wonderful runway poses. Morgane’s poses are among the first I ever used on the runway. Even though I now know of dozens of pose stores out there, I always check Morgane’s shop first every time I have an outfit I need a new pose for. My runway show pose list almost always features at least a few Morgane poses. Most recently, I used her poses in Costa Rica Sims SHIKI show and REMA’s Essence of Woman show. I am always eagerly waiting to see what amazing new poses or walks Morgane will come up with next!

Colby Pevensey: “The most dedicated, hardest worker in SL is Morgane Batista. She fully immerses herself in what she does. She is loyal, honest and wants her stamp of approval to define quality. I recommend everything she does”

Houms Thor: I have used numerous poses created by Morgane Batista and Morgane is one of my first choices when it comes to a specialty pose required for my photography.  Her poses are very striking and easy to work with.  Morgane has always been extremely accommodating with my requests and I have always been totally satisifed.   Morgane Batista Poses Shop is definately a leader in the realm of pose making.

SD Damiano: I find Morgane Batista Poses shop helped me alot when requiring the perfect pose for outfits for shows, but what really makes her shop unique to rest is that the owner Morgane is always willing to help by creating you poses for your specific needs, not an option in many shops, and sometimes you need to specific pose to cater for your needs.
Morgane takes time out to help her clients which in itself is unique, it proves customer satisfaction is her first priority. I won model of the Month with Batista poses shop. I belive it was easier for me as i found the poses even though made for certain styles could work easily with alot of things if your creative enough.

Keira Soulstar: My Name is Keira Soulstar and I am a supermodel in SL.  I use a lot of Morgane’s poses for shows that I do, photo’s I take.  Being a model too, Morgane makes poses for runway from a model point of view and I love that!   I love her unique styles, she really does great work and I really love her 180 and curtain poses.  I’ve been a big fan for a long time now, she is so creative, and her customer service is alway great!  She is a wonderful person and a talented artist!  I will continue to support Morgane and her wonderful work!

Rissa Friller: I wanted to say from my own experience as a model in SL, that Morgane Batista’s poses are excellent for runway and photo shoots. They move so fluidly. Morgane is also such a pleasure to work with and if you have a pose or walk in mind that you need made for you she will be more then happy to accomodate this. I highly recommend her shop for all your pose needs!

Jeanie Waydelich: I met Morgane early this year in February when I needed special poses for a fashion show at Boulevard Agency. She was great, very dedicated and did an incredible series of poses with animations . The nice thing about working with Morgane is that it is super simple, dedicated, very meticulous, she make the poses perfect for my shape and skirt!!. I wish her ​​much success with reopening of the store!!

Anabella Ravinelli: I have known Morgane since she first started modeling in SL.  She puts her heart and soul into everything she does and its no different with her poses!  Her desire from day one has been to create poses that a model truely needs and she does that with passion and creativity.  For the aspiring model, long time model or even just someone looking for some unique and quality photography poses, you can find it at Morgane Batista Poses Shop!

Mely Gibbs: I am very happy for the reopening of  ” Morgane Batista Poses “, I’m a fan of your poses, are excellent and I especially love that is very natural, is the best complement for all models. Each time you use them at the runway, beauty pageants is a success. Morgane I wish you all the success you deserve, a big hug.


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