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Drakke rocks my feets

Did you ever want boots that makes you look sexy, fun, elegant, fashionable, original and stylish?

Of course you do, i invite you to take a look at some of the awsome boots created by my dear old friend *we know each other for 2 years in sl* Mandrakke Dagger, the owner and creator of Drakke.

Whether you want super sexy thigh high, knee high or ankle boots. you will certainly have love at first sight with his boots. I been wearing them for almost 2 years. His tissue textures are incredibly realistic, his metals are shiny to perfection.

I remember when Drakke opened, even tho he was new to the boots creation, they were already AWSOME! And now, he has a great diverse style of boots. They are easy to recognize, i love the lil touch he adds that makes them unique, either its rotating prims between the sole and heel or the great realistic lacing to tie, to the shiny metallic sole & heel.

Let me present you some of my personal favorites. I love so many that i had to make choices of which to show you.

Melody in black
Melody in dark red

Have you ever seen such original boots? Melody has a dangling music note on the outside and a treble clef crossing the heel. The boots are offered in multiple choices of colors from pale to dark.

Cover Girl in white

How about Cover Girl, stylish boots to go with your short dresses, they will show off your long legs in fashion. This version in white has realistic silver large buckles with silver sole & heels. Also offered in a great range of colors!

Divine in dark blue

Just look at the great lacing on thoses knee boots. They are sexy, just as you are! This version is in dark blue but there is so many colors to choose from.

Vanity in blackVanity in black


Similar to the style of the boots you just saw, here is a short version with the same great quality lacing and textures. Theses boots are perfect to wear with soooo many things, it is sober, classical, even reminds us of the ancient times boots. Just by looking at them i get so many styling ideas around it. This version is in black with a silver sole & heel.

Vintage in dark red

The vintage boots, don’t you just love the style of it, look at the silky texture of theses red boots, they are just perfect! Mandrakke knows how to add theses little touches that gives the boots the IT.

Sacred in limited edition black

OMG look at theses boots, arent they gothly adorable? The crosses hung by a red chain surrounds the top of the boots between the buckles, a line of closses goes over the foot with another dangling cross AND a rotating cross inside the circle between the sole & heel. This black version is a limited edition, the original edition is in silver instead of gold. A ankle boot version is also available.

J'adore Special edition

Feeling romantic? how about theses J’adore ankle boots. A nice gold chain surrounds the ankle with 2 crossing hearts on the outsides, dancing hearts also on the outsides and one rotating inside the other one between the sole & heel. This version is a special edition.

drakke logo

All Drakke boots comes with a sl 1 and 2 versions meaning alpha prims and alpha layers. resizable scripted which comes with a kill script option in the menu. Drakke is part of the 60L weekends and also has a Midnight Mania board.

To visit his store, take the taxi:

The pose for Sacred is from oOo Studio, all the others are from Morgane Batista Poses Shop. The skins used are from Oceane Body Boutique.


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