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My handfasting gown


On june 5th, i handfasted in a wedding with my husband Tristan Tiaret. It was a great day, but it’s not about us i want to talk about, but what i was wearing.

I had creators i love so very much to create custom products for my wedding. All of them are always busy in SL, taking very rarely custom requests but they did it for me, thank you sooo much.

Thoses who know me, knows that i’m a pink addict, so of course i wanted to swap the usual white wedding dress with a touch of pink, my Morgane pink.

Oceane Grumiaux of Oceane Body Boutique, created  my bridal skin. Bee Dumpling of The White Armory, created my stunning wedding dress called Blushing bride, available in her shop. Eden Galaxy of Eden Jewelry, created 2 sets of jewelry for my wedding, one for the wedding dress and one for the lingerie set.

3 awsome and talented ladies who made me look so pretty, thank you sooo much. Let me present you their creations.


My hair was a gift of Tukinowaguma, called PriPri Ribbon. Thanks Alex, mwaaa.

Along with that, the ring set is Avalon from JCNY, lingerie is Pandore from Lingerie Boutique, Nails is Diva white from CCD.. they have a very slight bling on the nails, lashes are Diamond dust from Redgrave, the shoes are Lace High Heels from MPP. Finally my bouquet is Evocative floral *calla & Rose*

All poses are available at Morgane Batista Poses Shop.


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