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The Funky Chapeau


This blog post may cause you excessive giggling. The creativeness of what is coming up, sure may make you laugh, i know i did..a LOT.

In december 2009, i was part of a kids hunt as creator, and met tons of childrens. But this one always remained in my mind, not only he is such a great sl kid but he is the creator and owner of Funky Chapeau. I am glad that he finally reopened his boutique with new releases for all to come and get his fun hats, and you wont beleive the price. Each of his hats are 25L only, yes you read right, i didn’t forget a number.

Either you wear his hats to make your friends laugh, that you feel silly or want to add a special touch to a very special outfit, you will definatly love what is coming. I present you, Funky Chapeau by Greg gustav.

The Cubbins Chapeau, is a surprising 3 hats looped on top of each other. Very colorful and fun, you can wear it with so many different outfit colors. If you love top hats, you will love this one!

Giggles, this adorable brown top hat, called Koala Chapeau is acessorized with a small and bigger koala with a tiny heart on top. How can we resist to not laugh seeing the face of the koalas.

This hat called Bluffin Muffin, was inspired by Greg who was listening to Poker face by Lady Gaga, he listened to the lyrics and accidently he heard wrong a part of the song. If you click the hat, it will sing you what Greg heard. I swear when i saw him with this hat on his head, i couldn’t stop laughing.

Ok, this hat called Litterbug Chapeau, is quite something. It’s a trash upside down with items inside. The hat is scripted with an animation holding the hat, particles on the floor and music when you walk. If you click the litterbug hat in a land that you can rezz, it will throw around trash parts.

This hat called Yikes Stripes, is a small top hat with a zebra on the side along with 2 swirled antennas with black balls. Not only it is creative but also stylish. The hat is not found in the store anymore, but i think if you offer him an ice cream with a big please, he could sell it to you. Tell him it’s Morgane’s fault, giggles. It’s my favorite hat of all the lot and one of his oldest.

The Candy’s Lovers chapeau is an adorable red and white striped hat with candies around it and a candy fairy on top which sends soft particules. Isn’t cuuuute?!

I’ve got personality chapeau in the pink version is scripted to change the face on the hat by itself. You can also find the hat in other colors.

The mobile Zoo chapeau is a multicolor hat which holds multiple small animals on the top and rim. Can you already try to imagine what outfit you could wear with this hat?

The Entangled chapeau is a scripted glittering hat which changes colors by itself, while a noob butterfly is standing on top of it with a magic wand emiting multicolor particules. Confettis around the hat matches colors with the particules. A magic wand matching the hat is also provided.

Want to see more insanly creative hats? come visit his store:

May i add that all the poses are created by me *Morgane Batista*, all the skins and makeups are from Oceane Body Boutique.


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