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Being beautiful with Oceane

Hi everybody,

Some skin makers have the chance to have their creations worn everyday by models. For me, my personal skinmaker is Oceane Grumiaux. Not only she makes top quality skins, shapes, makeups, eyes, lashes but she does my custom skins for my fahsion shows and even made my wedding skin especially for me.

I made my own shape and for a while i was looking for a skin that would literally melt in place perfectly with my shape. The day i tried the Jade skin line, i knew i found my face.

Today i want to present you her latest skins. First is Jade Sakura pink.

And then Jade Sakura Orange, in Vanilla tan.

The delicate flowers softly handpainted with care, caresses down the left cheek while the lips are multi toned. I always LOVED multi colors makeup and it’s done so well :o)

Then another brand new skin, that i totally love, Jade is my official face but how can you not fall for Kiki?

Poses by Morgane Batista Poses shop

Oceane is on the same sim as my pose shop, here’s your automated broom to her marvelous shop:


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