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Brewing some hell with Wicca Merlin

Once a year, most of people on earth celebrates a holiday that both kids and adults have the same reasons for loving it. It’s other name which gives a total different reason to celebrate it is Samhain, so what is this holiday?


On October 31st this year, The Sorceress witch Morgane is preparing a hell brew. How is she going to do that, you think? With the help of her Warrior of Hell, Wicca Merlin.

Morgane calls upon Wicca, who was creating terror all over the world, to come help enlighten her with Gruesome ideas. Together, they decide to made everybody feel their anger come over them and create chaos. Wicca shares all her secrets when Morgane enchants her to spill her beans.

Deliciously dangerous, Wicca and Morgane finish their brew of Hell. They take a break while the potion sits, to take a souvenir picture of their work before they start bottling up. Morgane sets a unbreakable spell over the bottles so it cannot be spilled by a good witch.

Styling card for Morgane Batista:

Dress: Witches Coven gown – The white Armory
Body Tattoo: Lovecraft (taken on marketplace)
Hair: Nyanotech 09-B Hair – Queen of Hair V2
Skin: Jade Natural vanilla  – Oceane Body Boutique
Lips tattoo: Terry glossy lips Into the night – Oceane Body Boutique
Eyes Tattoo: Halloween Moon – White Widow
Eyes: Evil is here (taken on marketplace)
Poses: Morgane Batista Poses Shop

All Pictures are taken by the adorable Wicca Merlin. TY hunny mwaa

To read Wicca’s side of the story and her styling card, read her blog post: http://wiccamerlin.wordpress.com/2011/09/22/soon-comes-halloween-morgane-and-me-are-prepared/


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