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Up close with Mandrakke Dagger

Hello dear readers, I decided to present you some of my designer friends. Today i will be starting with one of my oldest friend, Mandrakke Dagger. I met him when i was almost a newb, at the club he was working at. From the first boots he made that i saw, i knew he had potential, always careful of details. Highly detailed touches added to make every pair unique. No matter what you want, you will find a boot to suit your desires. Mandrakke is currently part of the Runway perfect hunt going from oct. 1st to oct. 31st, offering sexy boots for all the ladies. Find different pairs every week in his 60L weekends vendors.

Hi Mandrakke, Thank you for accepting to do an interview with me.

Morgane: Mandrakke, how did you discover about Second Life?

Mandrakke: I was working with a guy as a level designer and he had mentioned people making real money on games like Second Life, a couple weeks later I stumbled across Second Life from an article in a real estate magazine talking about a guy that got rich selling virtual land so i figured I would take a look.

Morgane: What were you doing in SL, before you start working?

Mandrakke: Playing in the casinos when they were still legal but that didn’t last too long, I think within a month of me being here, the Lindens banned gambling across the grid.

Morgane: What was your first job in SL? Did you like it?

Mandrakke: Technically I guess my first job would have been security at Provocative Night Club and yes it was fun.

Morgane: How did you come up with the idea of creating boots?

Mandrakke: It was either going to be hair or boots and boots allowed more creativity and variety and hair confused the hell out of me. I didn’t know where to start

Morgane: Did you have a specific idea of what your style of boots was going to be?

Mandrakke:  In the beginning, I just wanted a small variety, I didn’t have anything set in stone because this was all new to me, I didn’t know what was popular, I just wanted to make a name for myself and see where it would take me.

Morgane: Can you describe us what type of boots you create?

Mandrakke:  I create anything from ankle boots to crotch high boots. The one thing that you will find is a lot of them are themed. Everyone is different and has different tastes so I am creating an endless variety of “flavors” and lifestyles for everyone from a nice simple traditional design to an meticulous one of a kind of boot that still has sex appeal.

Morgane: Can you tell us, what makes Drakke boots what they are?

Mandrakke:  Well I would have to say there are a few things, one being the detail I put into each boot design, they do not get released until they are perfect and everything is lined up correct or get smacked up side the head and get told they are done. =) The other thing that stands out is the chrome heel and sole, and now the realistic gold heels, if it has a chrome heel, its a Drakke’s, or a cheap copycat.

Morgane: Do you create other things aside to boots?

Mandrakke: No no <smiles> only boots for the time being, the group keeps me busy with new designs but Shade Designs does create matching outfits and they are part of the same store so you can get completely sexified with boots and matching outfits

Morgane: What do you like the most in designing?

Mandrakke: The endless possibilities limited only to your mind. It lets you explore and create anything and everything.

Morgane: Mandrakke, what can we expect from you in the future?

Mandrakke: Well with the introduction of mesh in Second Life, I am thinking I might step… verbally of course… into heels, but that is still a ways into the future and you might be seeing a lot more of Drakke in the news if all goes well.

Morgane: What is your past time in SL when you are not working?

Mandrakke: Not much lol, now a days I work until I fall asleep it seems, my goal is to make Drakke my primary business in all worlds and with that, it doesn’t leave much free time for the time being but when we do find free time, it’s usually goofing around or watching something together, talking, or looking up useless facts and goofy clips on the Internet and if there is a lot of free time, we might run to a CCS sim.

Morgane: Anything you would like to say about you to those reading this right now?

Mandrakke: Hmm, I am crazy, funny, annoying at times, and don’t take things seriously other than my dedication to this business. And of course Thank You to everyone, without them I wouldn’t be here. Please spread the word, if you like what I do, it’s the best thing you can do to help me keep doing it. I have big plans but without the voice of the people, I am only one man.

Thank you Mandrakke for your time!

To see and try his awesome boots, visit his store at:


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