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Between 2 posemakers with Trinity Graves

Today, i meet up with another posemaker who became a great friend. With a similar buisness life, we are both posemakers, models, agency and academy owners. I met Trinity officially when we both were in the same team for the Live styling card event, where we had to both share our poses for the same outfits to present in a competition. That’s when our friendship started.

Trinity Graves

When i don’t have to to make a custom pose for a clients, that’s to who i send my clients over, and i know they will be well taken care of. Shes a great girl with a big sense of humour and a big heart. She creates great runway and photoshoot poses!

Starlett Poses


Monster Poses

Hello Trinity, thanks for allowing me to ask you questions so everybody gets to know you better.

Morgane: How did you come by Second Life in the first place?

Trinity: Well I used to play The Sims Online and a friend said hey come play SL its sooo much better. So I did.

Morgane: How long did it take you to find a goal in sl and what was it?

Trinity: I knew what I wanted before I came to SL.
I wanted to be creative and have fun and meet people.

Morgane: How old were you when you got into the fashion industry of SL?

Trinity: Hmm Well My main account is dated back to beginning of 06 and I started Modeling in 08 so 2 years ? Though it wasn’t until last year that I became really serious about my career.

Morgane: You own a Modeling Agency which is also an Academy. Can you talk to us about it?

Trinity: Avante is a wonderful Family oriented place. Where we can leave bias and prejudice at the door. Models come to help one another and learn from one another.

Morgane: You also create poses, when did you open your shop?

Trinity: I opened it about 4 months ago I think.

Morgane: All pose makers have their own reason for why they started to make poses, what was your trigger point?

Trinity: I got tired of going to crazy laggy stores and not being able to find poses that worked for my crazy and out of the box looks. So I decided who better to make poses for Avante models than an Avante model.

Morgane: When you joined SL, did you think you would be where you are at now?

Trinity: Laughs. Does anyone imagine when they are a brand new waddling new avatar that they will be glamorous and successful? No when I came I just wanted to make friends and be creative.

Morgane: How would you describe who is Trinity?

Trinity: Well I like to think im kind generous and caring. I want to make an impact and I feel a strong social conscious and responsibility to my peers to set a good example. I think I have a strong sense of creative fashion and I am always willing to learn something new.

Morgane: What do you do in sl to have fun when you are not working?

Trinity: Well almost everything I do is fun. Mostly I style , hang out with people, enter contests, teach new models, make poses, walk runways, take pictures, and explore the wonders of our virtual universe.

Morgane: Anything you would like to say to all those reading you right now?

Trinity: Grins big and wide. Yeah I would quote the Avante Motto. Fake it till you make it!
This means whatever you do and whatever happens always remember the audience doesn’t know you didn’t mean to do it. So stick it don’t correct it believe in yourself and you will go farther than the stars.

Morgane: Thank you so much for according me some of your time.

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