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Morgane conjures fire

When i created my Morgane’s shoot – Sorceress, i had an vision in mind. After a couple months, i saw a picture contest whihc the theme was Fire. I finally created a picture showing exactly what i meant by that pose set.

When i think sorceress, i think of how they can conjure balls of fire water or else, to either do good or wrong. In this picture Morgane Conjures a ball of white flames under the moonlight. Is she creating it to do good or bad? I will let you choose.

This beautiful dress of Mea Culpa, called Demons victory, is made by the One in a million contest winner, Tatanka Kaligawa.

I simply love the doves round cage that brings peace in this demonic creation over the floor lenght frilled skirt. The high collar gives a high importance, making you look like a demon queen. the sexy top of this amazing dress has a deep dazzling cleavage that brings out the best of what you have to offer. The long sleeves which is not covering the shoulders, adds a special touch to the dress that would just not be the same without.

The marvelous devilish horns and headpeice with a bat is the final touch to this outfit. Unseen on the picture as i removed it for the picture is gorgeous matching wings. When we look at a creation like this we can understand why Tatanka won the One in a million contest.

On this picture, i used Morgane’s shoot – Sorceress pose 4, that i rotated to get a better front view, exposing the hand better to conjure white flames.

Full Styling card:
Dress: Demons Victory – Mea Culpa
Skin: Jade Vanilla – Oceane
Lip tattoo: Jade lips: deep red – Oceane
Eye Tattoo: Dragonfly (silver) – White Widow
Nails: Rave Indigo (comes with rings) – Finesmith
Lashes: Vampire – Redgrave
Hair: Arwen – Tukinowaguma
Eyes: Cauldron grey – Daydream eyes
Pose: Morgane’s shoot – Sorceress pose 4 – Morgane Batista Poses


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