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Gorgeous redheads

Hello beautiful ladies and dear gentlemens,

Today i have a brand new release to present to you.

Are you a redhead? are you tempted to become a redhead? Well, after you see the brand new skin from my totally favorite skin creator, you will definitely want to become a redhead at least on occasion.

Oceane Grumiaux is the extraordinary skin creator that has been making me look so pretty for over 2 years. The first time i walked into her store, i fell in love and it is a love that will never break 🙂

She is taking such good care making us having a realistic photogenic body. From the eyebrows to the lips, the back, the breasts and so realistic cleavage, to the private parts. She doesn’t leave any details out. I received so many compliments by photographers who said the skins i wear have perfect lighting and shadowing for photography. Any model in Second Life would want all theses qualities on their skins.

So you know, i did NOT retouch my pictures at all, only used the Nams optimal skin and prim windlight and cropped the image. So you can see the true quality of the skin without any alterations.

The skin Toni comes in multiple types. First there is the reds, the blondes/blacks and the brunettes, so your eyebrows can match your hair better. They come in the following skin tans: Vanilla, Latte, Cream, Honey and Coffee. And it does not stop here, she also offers in the same box a light and normal brows option which you will see in my pictures.

When you buy a skin, it includes: a no cleavage light red brows, cleavage light red brows, no cleavage normal red brows, a cleavage normal red brows, an eyebrow shape (like i wear), also includes 1 set of eyes that she created herself and a Strip light pubic hair tattoo layer and underpants layer. Each pack of skins for Toni is 1299L and worth every Lindens.

This 1st skin is: Toni with normal red eyebrows. See how perfect it looks with red hairs. I love the lips she made for that skin with a tint we find mostly on redhead girls.

This skin is: Toni with light red eyebrows. You can see how photogenic this beautiful skin is without even any retouch in photoshop.

3rd skin: Toni Cleavage with normal red eyebrows. I wanted to show you how beautifully done the cleavage is. I have tiny breasts in SL, everybody that saw me knows it, but see how it gives a natural cleavage, and normally my breasts are well.. separate, natural..

Oceane not only does gorgeous skins, but she also does beautiful feminine curvy shapes, makeups layers *which i wear all the time*, nails, lashes and eyes.

Here is your taxi to come try her awsome skin and other products. She have demos for makeup layers too so you can test with your skins to make sure it fits.

The poses used for the pictures are from Morgane Batista Poses. The hair from picture 1 & 2 is from Alice Project. Hair from picture 3 is from Raspberry Aristocrat, Top on picture 3 is from Frick. The shape used is my own created by myself.

Stay beautiful,

Morgane Batista


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