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upcoming hunts mix and match

Hello, missed me?

Today i am so happy to present you a preview of 2 hunts that i am taking part of, my own hunt The Runway Perfect Hunt edition 2 and Crazy Hair Hunt 3. I am in love with both hunts that are starting this weekend, and i know you will be too.

Why make 2 blogs when you can make one? But how to blog both at same time? Well, by using the clothes, poses, jewelry and makeups from TRPH2 and the hairs from CHH3. See how fun the results it can create.

For The runway perfect hunt, you will find some of  the best and favorite designers of the models in second life, along with new stores to let you discover. From clothes to makeup, jewelry, nails, hair, accessories to runway poses and much more.

For Crazy Hair hunt, Discover the wild side of stores, not all are hair makers, and that is the fun in that hunt, you will see stores you know who came to play the craziness card by creating a hair in the theme of Fauna & Flora.


And now, Let’s start with MESH!!!!

Curious Kitties, an awesome store for mesh clothing, is part of both hunts. For TRPH2, the designer Ameshin Yossarian created 2 outfits, this one is the unisex version that can be worn both by males and females. The shoes used are from the female version. Her hair also in mesh is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time, being mesh it still follows the body to an extent, and having the strands twisting around the body and legs like that is just way awesome. The pose is a default pose perfect for runway use, being priority 2 offered by Morgane Batista Poses.

Tragic springtime outfit unisex (trph2)
nyanotech hair – Maneatingplant v3 (chh3)
TRPH2 Morgane’s default pose (trph2)

This second mesh outfit from Curious Kitties is the female version, the shoes are included in the folder. In honor of Treebee, the creator of the Crazy Hair hunt, the creator of Bizarre hair created a hair that has small trees on top. Beautiful butterflies floats around you softly here and there, appearing an disappearing, what a beautiful creation. The awesome posemaker and builder Wetcat created for THPH2, created a stunning prop with poses that she offers also seperately to be able to use also on the runway. Both photoshoot & runway poses to suit all your needs. The prop called Window shopping includes poses for both males and females, and more than 1 avatar can use it at the same time, what a great idea, thanks Wetcat!

Tragic Springtime dress (trph2)
[Bizarre Hair] “TreeBee” (chh3)
::WetCat:: Window Shopping pose & prop (trph2)

Coming back for a second edition, RFB Morpork the beautiful designer of Paris Metro couture offers us a gorgeous long dress in purple with a deep v-cut cleavage and long matching gloves. It sways so beautifully when we move. While we are in purple, why not go with a gorgeous flower hair also in purple offered by dDx called Flora, it comes with a hair base and looks awesome from behind when we cam over, what a beautiful hair masterpiece. To complete, I am using one of the male default poses offered by Morgane Batista Poses, also in priority 2.

Paisley Kisses Purple (trph2)
-dDx- Flora (chh3)
TRPH2 Morgane’s default pose (trph2)

Also coming back for a second edition of the Runway Perfect hunt,  CHG made for us a matching suit for female and male. Here is Audrey, a feminine short skirt suit coming with 2 different sleeves and great shoes easily customizable for the prim feet. Barlow from the CHH3 offers us a elegant hair called Lost eden, with butterflies around the top of the hair. This time, using again the Window shopping prop, i mixed it with a pose made for the hunt by Morphine. The proof we don’t always have to use the poses of the props. As the prop can be played around with a menu, i was able to rotate myself and move toward the center.

Audrey female version (trph2)
Lost Eden Hair from Barlow (chh3)
Morphine Poses – PRH Female (trph2)
::WetCat:: Window Shopping prop (trph2)

Can’t be shy to wear all this together but i wanted to show the stunning jewelry piece from Finesmith without having clothes stealing the view. Yula Finesmith, well known in the fashion industry with her avant gardiste jewelry offers us Apala in both female and male version. To compliment the black and gold, i chose from the CHH3, Nectar made by a well known hair maker L+N. In black, gold and red with big blue butterflies, it’s a perfect match!  The pose used is another great runway pose offered by Hadaluna Daines from Morphine.

For the runway perfect hunt 2 and crazy hair hunt 3

Finesmith: Apala necklace female (trph2)
L+N Nectar hair (chh3)
Morphine Poses – PRH Female (trph2)

The Awsome Poulet Koenkamp is gladly back for a second edition. Known for her stunning creations, formal to casual, hair to jewelry, she offers us this beautiful light silvery blue dress with a incredibly well made white corsage, so feminine, i know all the girls of the grid will want this for themselves and tell all their friends to get it. Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau appearing for their first edition, gives us a appealing jewelry set including a necklace, earrings, bracelets and ring, coming both in silver and gold. La boheme offers us a beautiful hair filled with small flowers in a wide range of hair colors.

:: PM :: Sandy dress ice (trph2)
Tres Beau – Brushed Jewelry set (trph2)
La Boheme hair (chh3)

I’m glad to welcome Aleida Rhodes from Aleida for her first time in the TRPH. With the spring coming, shes offering an outfit for both females and males. I present you Whippy’s choice, the golden yellow dress with puffy mid-arm sleeves and incredible lace at the short skirt and corsage is feminine and makes you forget the coldness we still feel in the start of spring. Matching perfectly in tones is the face tattoo in gold version by the ever so talented photographer / designer Julie Hastings from White Widow who is back for a second edition. Tabatha Jewell of Vanity hair from the CHH offers us a amusing beautiful hair in purple with seashells. The pose is another Default pose offered by Morgane Batista Poses in priority 2 for runway use.

Aleida whippys choice – yellow (trph2)
White Widow trph2 in Gold (trph2)
Vanity hair see shell-Treebee (chh3)
Morgane’s default pose (trph2)

This is not a secret, the next designer back for her second edition not only made the gorgeous full face makeup in black and silver that will make you look simply outstanding, but she also does the skin you can see on all my pictures, Oceane Grumiaux is a master of beauty. To match with the silver of the makeup, i fell for a massive overgrowth in elvish color, it also comes in a wide variety of colors offered by TSM.

Xian FULL makeup black by Oceane (trph2)
*TSM* Massive Overgrowth – elvish (cch3)

Bouquet Babii from Vero Modero is coming back for a second edition this time with a beautiful long flowing spring tones dress. A gorgeous bouquet of flowers on the shoulder is attached to a flow of fabrics. The colors are so beautiful, it smells spring all around. From CHH3, ChiChickie! a well known hair store offers such a original hair with a head of lion with the tail laying on the shoulder with colorful plant leaves.

Vero Modero – Gina (trph2)
ChiChickie! – Leona (chh3)

Last but not least, welcome back Bubble Cyberstar from Bubble’s Designs for a second edition of the TRPH2. Offering a female and male version, this gorgeous styling piece called Midnight lights is a total eye catcher. Glowing lightly when in higher graphics, makes a great natural body light for theses around you hehe. With my Friend Sue beside me, she was lighted very softly. Unfortunately due to the Headpiece i was not able to find a hair from the CHH3 to fit with, but no matter what it’s a kick ass designs.

Bubble’s designs – Midnight lights (trph2)

Well that was my first glimpse to the 2 hunts that i am taking part of.

What to walk the hunts? The Crazy Hair Hunt started March 31st at midnight and lasts until April 30th. The Runway Perfect Hunt, is another hunt that you wont want to miss from April 1st to April 30th. I’m so happy and excited, this is my own little baby, that i created and is helped by wonderful people, such as Blossoms Sweetwater who takes care of the blog of the hunt like a pro and also as blogger. Amalfia Hanly who does the long walk through and Catlyn Sahara who decided to help with the walk through also, thanks ladies, i could not do it without you all.

Crazy Hair Hunt 3
Starting location:

The Runway Perfect Hunt 2
Starting location:


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