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Oceane has gone Asian

Oceane created a gorgeous asian skin offered in 2 different natural skins: with dark brows, or light brows.
Every box contains 4 body types: Miki Asian skin pure and with eyeliner in cleavage and small breasts. plus pubic hair on tattoo layer and underwear and a pair of gloves to hide skin for prim nails. She also added RGB codes for the skin tones and brows.

The Asian skins look amazing with her tattoo layer eyeliners and mascara (Mistress Mood collection). With the Ming eyeshadows they are an absolute stunning combination.

4 tans available, if you want another tan, just IM Oceane Grumiaux and she will see what she can do.

From lightest to darkest:


Also a beautiful asian shape was created for Miki

Oceane had the brilliant idea to create eyeshadows that would fit perfectly with asian eyes. Here is some examples of what you will find in store.

To get theses stunning skins, shape & makeups, take the taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Carries%20Dreams/40/120/22


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