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One on one interview with Masoom TRPH4

Hello Amberchaudry Corpur, thanks for accepting to let us interview you in the light of The runway Perfect hunt edition 4.

MB: Hi, Can you tell us a bit about yourself? When did you join SL and how long did it take before you start creating?

AC: I joined Sl in 2010, 01/10/2010 to be exact, One of my friends from facebook was using it and asked me to check it out, so I decided to give it a go, i absolutely loved the user interface and the friendly people that I met on the very rezz day, But after a few days of roaming here and there and doing free shopping i felt very bored and left sl for a long long time. Then once on you tube I found a video tutorial from someone guiding how to make clothes in SL, and I was hooked to the idea. I came back to SL to try my designing ability and see how it goes and never looked back 🙂

MB: To those who don’t know your store yet, What kind of creations do you offer in your store?

AC: [[ Masoom ]] Offers a wide variety of male and female clothes, and also a unique collection of poses for men and women. I have tried my hand on tattoos and I am sure I would launch some of those in near future

MB: Can you tell us, what it meant for you when mesh appeared in SL, as a designer?

AC: I love to experiment with new stuff and I was really excited about mesh to be honest. I always hated the limited nature of prims and sculpts  in clothes for SL . Mesh for designers I think is a blessing , its beautiful to wear and easy to make. Win win for all I say. 😀

MB: Is there any designer in SL and/or RL that inspired you to want to create? Do you have any mentor?

AC: Not really, I do follow many of Real life trendy designers to get some inspiration, But no one is my mentor so far, I came back to SL after I found out that people are able to make their own stuff. I am Asian , and I could not find much stuff related to my culture I made things for myself at first. And friends recommended I should start sharing or selling .. I just listened to them. 🙂

MB: If you could only choose 1 outfit from your store, which one is your top favorite or has a special meaning for you?

AC: I would easily name ” Mia Gown ” , Reason for that is that it is the first ever thing i actually made for a second life fashion show , and is a designer inspiration. I never follow a single designer and always make my own unique stuff, but it was fun following the rule of the show and trying to follow a great RL designer. The gown is a John Galliano inspiration, and I did it for charity FFL 2013 show.

MB: Beside designing, what are your other passions in SL?

AC: I am very picky when it comes to friends, and I have very few of them, When I am not working , or i am overworked and don’t want to work lol, I always hang out with them. Catching up with them or just standing there and talking to them is always fun and very refreshing and much needed every once in a while. Besides that I love to explore sims, second life has so much creativity it always manages to  amaze me.

MB: What did SL bring into your life?

AC: Sl brought a lot in my life, I found a passion, being an SL designer is very much like being an Rl designer. I have gained a lot of skills, learned stuff to make that can actually even help me in my real life. This experience can help me even run a similar business in real life. I found friends here that i can easily die for. I found love and happiness. Sl gave me everything anyone can ever ask for. I am thankful to that person who recommended me to try it out 🙂

MB: What would you like to tell to those reading us right now? (the floor is yours)

AC: I would only say always have faith in yourself. There are always times when we are being de-motivated or feel we can not do what we want to , what we need is faith and sincerity to self. And nothing can stand in our way.

MB: thank you so much for answering my questions and letting other get to know you a little more.

AC: Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to connect with others on a level different than usual work related stuff lol.. thank you so much for having me.

Click here to visit her store: Masoom Mainstore


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