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The Runway Perfect Hunt 4 Prizes part 1

Hi everybody,

As you know the runway perfect hunt edition 4 is back in full force and has tons of great quality prizes. We are back with some hunt regulars and new also.

Today i will show you some of the prizes you will find in the hunt.

bubbles oceane katink trph4

In the first picture we have:
– Bubbles Designs offering us a dress called Poems. There is a poem both front and back which i included in the picture as text to read. Bubbles also created a male version to Poems.
– Oceane Body Design gives us a silver lipstick as seen on the picture which goes with the skin Dee that i am also wearing on the picture. She also offers a gold Lipstick.
– Katink in all her generosity offered us not only female and male poses but also a backdrop to take pictures. Her gifts includes 2 female & 2 male poses and the curtain backdrop. On the picture i am using one of the female pose along with the backdrop.

l+n mock ma vie_001

In the second picture:
– L+N is always so imaginative with her hair and this time around she offers us Morning flower. a 3 toned hair red-blonde-brown. I have to say i love when she does theses 3 tone hairs.
– MOCK returns to us with Mariellis, a serie of 3 colors of lipsticks, this one being firebrick. Each colors comes in 3 levels of shine.
– Ma Vie gives us a great variety of poses, mostly for photoshoot. my headshot picture was taken with one of the poses from her store.

evolve sequoiastyle pm trph4

In the third picture:
– Evolve is happily back with Let it shine, a beautiful multicolor mesh dress which comes with a hat and the shoes.
– SEQUOIASTYLE who is with us since the beginning, now with a new name (formerly Aurora Borealis) offers us earrings, a bracelet and sunglasses to perfectly match with Evolve’s gift, which is why it is also named Let it shine.
– PM Poses now back for the 2nd time with us offers us 4 female & 4 male runway poses. You can see the female pose 4 on the picture.
– Moondance also with us since the beginning, offers us beautiful long nails Aqueos 3D, they come in several hand sizes.

Hint page:

To join group: secondlife:///app/group/567fa658-9609-7071-7215-790e58bebe55/about

Flickr group page:


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