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Game of thrones inspired clothing by The White Armory

Hello everybody,

I’m happy to present you a brand new collection at The White Armory. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, on HBO, you will love theses outfits.

Bee Dumpling released Targaryen, Stark, Lannister & Baratheon outfits until now. When i told Bee i was working on the iron chair poses prop, she told me she was working on GOT inspired outfits. They are not identical to the show as Bee doesn’t copy from RL outfits, so its her vision of what they would wear. Unfortunately i do not have Lannister outfits so i cannot show them to you.

House of Targaryen - Mother of dragons

First dress is House of Targaryen – Mother of dragons. If you look closely you will see that she created belts with the sigil of Targaryens, which is a 3 headed dragon. Mostly created in mesh, the blend of colors is simply gorgeous.

House of Targaryen - Sheild Maiden

Second Outfit is House of Targaryen – Sheild Maiden. Partially made of mesh, the outfit comes with a pair of long pants. In tones of green and brown, the Sigil once again appears on the belt AND on the cloak.

Sansa Stark

Next Dress is House of Stark – Sansa. This beautiful dress represents the oldest daughter of the Stark family. Partially made of mesh, the blend of light purple / lilac and brown is gorgeous. The sword is included in the Iron throne pose prop found at Morgane Batista Poses & PM Poses.

Catelyn Stark

Here’s House of Stark – Catelyn. Representing the Mother of the Stark family, this is another mostly made of mesh dress in shades of green. I just low how there’s fur on the cloak and at the right arm cuff, remembering that it’s cold in Winterfell!

House of Stark - Sheild Maiden

House of Stark – Sheild Maiden, is mostly made of mesh and fur.  There is long pants available also to wear with it and a belt to wear with it. The beautiful Stark sigil can be seen on the belt and cloak.

Ophelia Baratheon

Last house i am presenting for now is Baratheon, here is Ophelia Baratheon. A stunning partial mesh dress in aqua and green.  I love this dress which is feminine without showing everything.

Myrcella Baratheon

Last but not least, here House of Baratheon – Myrcella.  Made of partial mesh, i have to say i am in love with the colors of this dress, the blue and green is so strong. What an elegant dress!


The White Armory store:

The pictures of House of Targaryen were taken at

The pictures of House of Stark & Baratheon were taken at

All poses are from Morgane Batista Poses at


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