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Valentine’s day hunt prize at Morgane Batista Poses

Hello everybody,

This year at Morgane Batista Poses, i decided to join a valentine’s day hunt from February 1st until February 15, sadly last year i was way too busy to even think about joining additional hunts.

This year i am offering you a pose prop with wearable props. The love heart prop includes 2 poses as you can see, the 1st one to sit on it, lays down on the heart then the 2nd person. You can always switch poses by pressing page up/down. There is 2 wearable props, the bow & arrow and the circle of hearts around the head. Both the bow and the little hearts comes in copy/modify and transfer/modify versions.

If you are a photographer, you will then be able to send the transfer version to your client to wear. Also it is modify so you can adjust it to your avatar correctly.

vday hunt prize w/ abbyrose abbot boots demo_009

Thanks to Nektuu Wytchwood and Abbyrose Abbot who accepted to pose with me at the wee hours of the morning.

I do not have the styling card for Nektuu.

Abbyrose’s styling card:
– Cupid’s Heart Gown by Belladonna Couture
– Chignon Soil by Osmose
– Vertigo “Black” Mesh by N-Core

Morgane’s styling card:
– Mid Barefeet by Slink
– Black Lace Courtenay Panties by Lingerie Boutique
– Alice Lace Corset by *SG*
– Jade Lips: Deep Red by Oceane Body Boutique
– Cat Eyeshadow Red by Oceane Body Boutique
– Hucci Ellamar Boots – Midnight by ::HH::
–  Long Nails + Ring – Royalty – Ruby by CCD
– Eyelashes -41- Bella by *REDGRAVE*
– Ma Belle-Black by Vanity Hair
– Fairy Vampire Skin -Bella- /*Innocent by *REDGRAVE*
– Eyebrows by Oceane
– Dawn Eyes – Seiji by *FTL*

Happy Hunting everybody!


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