Morgane Batista Poses Shop Resume

Morgane Batista Poses Shop is established since april 2010.

I make essentially runway poses, both for males and females, But also, runway walks and photoshoot poses.

I started to make poses when i arrived at Fashion Institute, i knew i had to do quick turns at the curtain before going backstage, and as i had trouble to do it quickly and sometimes the curtains are so close to our stops that it wasnt easy to do.. that’s when i created the 180 Collection – curtain poses which became an instant success.

Then i continued on my pose making, creating a pack of poses for different styles of clothing. My main goal, as i am myself a runway model, is to have poses that wont stretch or break fabrics while looking natural. So when i make poses i always test with highly detailed clothing to see if it would stretch.

Now part of the small group of the best runway posemakers, i sponsor models for contests such as MVW.

All pose sets are now converted to the X-Poser system. Morgane Batista Poses is the main sponsor of The Runway Perfect Hunt.

Current runway poses packs:
Morgane’s runway – Princess
Morgane’s runway – Show me your nails
Morgane’s runway – Casual chic aura
Morgane’s runway – Default poses
Morgane’s runway – Swimsuit
Morgane’s runway – Gowns
Morgane’s runway – Jewelry
Morgane’s runway – System skirt
Morgane’s runway – Pants female
Morgane’s runway – Leah Shoulderbag
Morgane’s runway – Gold digger
Morgane’s runway – Another day
Morgane’s runway – Finesmith
Morgane’s runway – Serene Faith
Morgane’s runway – Mimmi Boa
Morgane’s runway – Haute Couture
Morgane’s runway – On the go
Morgane’s runway – Pipins
Morgane’s runway – Aleida
Morgane’s runway – MVW Japan Fashion
Morgane’s runway – MVW Shantal
Morgane’s runway – MVW Rusalka
Morgane’s runway – NV Corsetry
Morgane’s runway – Androgyne
Morgane’s runway – Pants male
Morgane’s runway – Gentlemen
Morgane’s runway – Hot Shot
Morgane’s runway – Call to action

180 Collection – Ladies
180 Collection – Gowns
180 Collection – Gentlemen

Single Photoshoot poses:
Morgane’s Shoot – Skins
Ohhh Bubbles!
Take a ride on my broom!
Morgane’s shoot – Ballerina
Morgane’s shoot – RIP King of Pop
Morgane’s shoot – Elegant nudes
Morgane’s shoot – Finesmith
Morgane’s shoot – Elemental set 1
Morgane’s shoot – Elemental set 2
Morgane’s Surfboard sets 1-2-3
Morgane’s shoot – Samurai
Morgane’s shoot – Climbing in fashion
Morgane’s shoot – Bedroom eyes
Morgane’s shoot – Samhain 2011
Morgane’s shoot – Sorceress
Morgane’s shoot – Sports

Morgane’s custom – Shoes
Morgane’s special – Swirls

Couple Poses:
Morgane’s shoot – Swept away
Kiss on the beach v1 & v2
Burn the dancefloor v1 & v2
Morgane’s shoot – With me
Morgane’s shoot – At your mercy
Morgane’s shoot – Feel me
Morgane’s shoot – Come sit on Santa
Morgane’s shoot – Free Falling
Morgane’s shoot – The other senses
Morgane’s shoot – Feel of love

Wedding poses:
Morgane’s wedding – Just wedded
Morgane’s wedding – Handfasting
Morgane’s wedding – Groommens 1 & 2
Morgane’s wedding – Bridemaids 1 & 2
Morgane’s wedding – The garter
Morgane’s wedding – Lingerie romance
Morgane’s wedding – Lingerie longing
Morgane’s wedding – Lingerie boudoir
Morgane’s wedding – Bride’s sight

Groups poses:
girls aloud
hanging out
Morgane’s shoot – glamour duo
Morgane & Leah’s boudoir
Morgane’s Samhain – Triple Goddess

Current runway walks:
Morgane’s walk – Casual
Morgane’s walk – Hiding
Morgane’s walk – High waisted
Morgane’s walk – High waisted 2
Morgane’s walk – Impossible skirt
Morgane’s walk – Lefty
Morgane’s walk – Low hips
Morgane’s walk – Poise
Morgane’s walk – Righty
Morgane’s walk – Sceptre v.2

Now also offers customed / edited poses in special stands.

Magazine work:
E-Style Magazine
MORE Moolto

– Since September 2010, the cover pose of E-Style is created by Morgane Batista.
– The cover of BOSL Magazine, with the wedding special featuring Kimmera Madison.
– Did the July 2011 cover of MORE Moolto.

– All vendors at CHG Fashion are showcasing Morgane Batista Poses Shop poses!

DMI Magazine
Radar Magazine
Happy Hunting TV
Fashion Fix on Pulse TV

Conferences / Workshops
Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy
Model’s Workshop

Sponsored Models of Morgane Batista Poses Shop
Leah Portland
Mimmi Boa
Fuzz Lennie
Genevieve Kamala
Lars Foulsbane
Saleena Hax
Rusalka Callisto
Rissa Friller

Fashion shows
Pose Off – by Sophisticated Secrets Modeling Agency
Batista’s Museum – by farouche agency
Fan shopping chat fashion show
New beginnings – dmg creation
Fashion Eiffel week of fashion show
Summer show – Solo Evane
Live styling card event
Oh Boi event fashion shows
Défilé automne hiver 2011 – Evenmentia
Sanibel’s secret
Model workshop Mannathan show

Websites in link to my store:

Morgane Batista Poses Shop (on facebook)
Slurl of my shop:


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