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My personal hair fair favorites!

Hello all,
 I went to the hair fair and swam through the mollase thick lag to find some hair i would love.

I arrived on the sims with no prims at all, bald only a top and pants to be considerate of others at the fair.. please if you go to the sim, wear a hairbase if you sont want to be truly bald, remove shoes, jewelry and all. it is crazy when you have a ARC of 16 while you see others with over 3K of ARC. We don’t go there to be seen by other but to visit all the awsome hair offered in the fair. It’s possible to be primless and still look good!

So now i gave my 2 cents, here is the pictures of the hair i fell for.

From Miamai

In order: Anabae, Donna Bun, Never 



Next is W&Y

 In order: Model hair 23, Model hair 25, New hair 148



And finally Vanity Hair!!!

In order: Phantom of the opera, Urban Saylorette



Want to go shopping for a good cause and for your fashionista wardrobe? Visit the blog for all the slurls.


2 thoughts on “My personal hair fair favorites!

  1. Nice job Morgane. Whatever you decide to wear usually becomes my newest favorite. It has been a pleasure to watch your career un-fold. Can I have your autograph?

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